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Riding differences between a TCR2 and an OCR1?(4 posts)

Riding differences between a TCR2 and an OCR1?Sandbox
May 4, 2003 6:17 PM

Trying to take the plunge into the road bike scene by buying my first road bike. My current choices are the Giant TCR2 and the OCR1.
I've heard that the OCR1 frame is more flexible than a TCR2, has anyone felt the difference or would like to object to that statement?
I would be doing a lot of hill rides so I am thinking that the frame flex will be as important as the extra half a kg of weight for the OCR1, when compared with the TCR2. I cannot justify spending US$500 more for a bike that weighs 500g less, however if there are any other differences (ie. frame flex) I maybe tempted towards the TCR2 more as I see this as a long term investment.


re: Riding differences between a TCR2 and an OCR1?briburke
May 5, 2003 8:11 AM
Well, I can give you at least a half of the comparison. Last summer I got a deal on an OCR3 - Giant's bottom line w/ Sora components. I'm not sure if it's the same frame as the OCR1 or not - but it's worth finding out. After 2000+ miles on it, I upgraded to a TCR1 (which is the same frame as the TCR2 just w/ Ultegra instead). The difference was huge. On the first test ride, I immediately noticed a few things: 1) The bike seemed to jump off the line when off the saddle accelerating in flats - the stiffer frame was very noticable. 2) The bike climbed a lot faster (especially when out of the saddle). 3) The ride was a lot smoother (don't know if this is the carbon-fiber fork/post or that it had better tires).

See if you can take 'em both for a long test ride - do the same route and see if you can feel the difference. For me, it was very noticable.

re: Riding differences between a TCR2 and an OCR1?emckee
May 5, 2003 10:51 AM
Here's another half.

I have the OCR1 (but have test-ridden the TCR2) from last year. It's my first bike and thus far has been everything I could ask for (commuting as well as weekend rides ~50+ miles). The carbon fork does some to smoothe out the ride, but the Al frame is still pretty stiff, IMHO.

Other differences:
The OCR1 has an adjustable stem, TCR doesn't. Still, make sure you get the right size (length) stem if/when you buy (a mistake I made).

I believe the saddle on the TCR is a sight better than the OCR. I've read descriptions of the OCR saddle as "cast concrete covered in leather", but I've developed the proper callouses.

Lastly... The TCR just looks prettier.

my two bits.
re: Riding differences between a TCR2 and an OCR1?byker
May 5, 2003 3:22 PM
I'v got the OCR and think that its a pretty sweet ride. I use it for training for mtb racing and it definatly does that job nicely. I ride a lot of hours and miles and this bike seems to be happy with that. Oh yea, the stem sucks, replace it asap.