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New IRC Bicycling Chat.(1 post)

New IRC Bicycling Chat.PerPlunk
May 3, 2003 10:42 PM
I apologize for the 'spam', but I welcome everyone to try out a new IRC (Internet Relay Chat) based bicycling chat channel (think of an AOL chat room, but better). The goal of this chat is to promote the online bicycling community in communicating responsibly with other bicyclists online. We welcome all types of bicyclists from BMX, Road, Cross, Mountain, and anything you could fathom as a bicycle. If you are interested in this chat, and know how to use IRC, then I encourage you to try it out at:

Server:, ports: 6660-6669, 7000.
Channel: #bike

If you do not know how to use IRC, then I suggest you go to: If you would like a quick guide to getting onto IRC then just reply to this message and I will be happy to help you with this fairly simple process (Even if you are not interested in this chat then I would still be glad to show you how, it truly is an excellent way to learn new things).

Also, I am looking for people seriously interested in the channel to help administrate the channel. If you are interested just goto the channel and message Code.

I plan on also putting up a Java applet on the web so that people that do not know about IRC can still be a part of the chat.

If you would like to learn more about the network that this chat channel is hosted on, I suggest you check out This website has information on the long history of the GammaForce IRC network, the network policies, administrators, as well as a list of alternate servers.

Thanks for your interest.


P.S. The intentions of this chat in no way are meant to replace the forums. These two methods of communication both have their pros and cons. Thanks.


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