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Speed Dream(4 posts)

Speed DreamAFrizzledFry
May 3, 2003 7:30 PM
Dave's wheels seem well received judging from the reviews i've read here, and from the forum searches i've done. i'm pretty certain i'll be ordering from him. what say ye? Aerolite? R30s? any input would be greatly appreciated.

I luv the Aeros.....coonass
May 4, 2003 5:14 AM
They're like riding on a carpet....
great wheels, better servicePaulCL
May 4, 2003 10:28 AM
I've had mine for 2 1/2 years or about 7000 miles. I use my OP's in the early spring until they fill the potholes.

I love'm and I ain't small....6'1 185-190lbs. Service: none better. For example: Last year, several of the washers on the spokes kept breaking, then I noticed some discoloration of the rims near the eyelet wholes. I talked to Dave...he said mail'em back, I did, he gave me a new rim 'cause he said that rim was defective.

Example #2: Entitled: "Why do bad things happen to my good wheels????" Last summer,riding into the sun, I hit a BIG rock and dented the rim. No longer under warranty. I took it to my LBS for a fix. They rec'd to use them as a "second set" of wheels. In the fall, I flung a skateboard into the same wheel. I was falling off and the bike was leaning against my car. See title above. I called Dave. He said send'em back, he'll check'em out and give me a guestimate.

Oh..and they are light, strong, aero...all you want in a wheelset. Paul
Aerolights all the way. Great (and I don't use that termeyebob
May 5, 2003 7:14 AM
loosely) service and product.