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baltimore car towing, off topic ...(1 post)

baltimore car towing, off topic ...Jas0n
May 2, 2003 3:23 PM
I need to let out a bit of steam here. I recieved 3 parking tickets within a week (while at colllege; parking rules are retarded in baltimore), so i mailed them in together. thinking everything was okay, i didnt worry about it. the checks cleared, everything seemed okay. yesterday my car was towed b.c. of unpaid parking tickets. ???. apparently the checks were cashed, but not entered into the system? so today i got to impound lot and pay $250.00 to get my car back, which would usually get refunded when i prove that they cashed the checks already, but im going home wed. and wont be around. anyway, drive the car back to school after 3 hours of waiting. i parked somewhere where parking is not allowed from 4-6, with a small sign saying "cars towed away;" not really a road with a lot of traffic, and not a tow away zone, which is apparently something diff. in balitmore (two away zone's have red signs). i get to my car at 4:30 after over sleeping, expecting to find a ticket (agh, but fine, it was my fault). didnt find a ticket, didnt find my car. they towed it again. ????, it still had the writing from the impound lot on it, have they no mercy. i realize they are allowed to tow by virtue of the small disclaimer, but its NOT a tow away zone. its really annoying how they pick on college kids in baltimore. they only ticket around the college, esp. this last week when they realize kids are starting to go home. better get some extra revenue! anyway, i call the towing dept. to find out about my car, and after speaking to some redneck there who refused to answer my questions and was getting loud with me, i got a bit mad. i asked to speak to someone who had more than half a brain. my fault, but still, the guy shouldnt have hung up on me .... 4 times. what do you guys think i should do? he is apparently the supervisor at this location, and has threatened me to "come down and handle the situation man to man." when i call to ask his name, he keeps hanging up (they always ask the plates of hte car you are calling about, so i cant talk to anyone else about it, he apparently let everyone know my situation. his other employees refuse to tell me his name). is this how balitmore works? any suggestions for getting this resolved. i have a lawyer who is well known in ny, but in balitmore, i dont think he can help much. anyone have any experience? any ideas, please. any connections ..... jk? thanks