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Tune MAG 200 Hubs(2 posts)

Tune MAG 200 Hubsstinkfoot247
May 2, 2003 12:53 PM
I saw these in another thread a while back. Where I can I get them Cheaper than 500$. In terms of durability are these comparable to Phil Wood.
re: Tune MAG 200 HubsBergMann
May 3, 2003 5:54 PM
Here's a German site where you can get a set of Mig/Mag hubs for $350 Euros (~$385) plus shipping. They ship to the US:

I don't know how these stack up against Phil Wood, because I haven't seen any of Phil's stuff for at least a decade, but Tune does make good stuff. Guys I used to race MTB marathons with used their BBs, Cranks, Seatposts and Saddles and were well pleased with the quality and durability of the components relative to their extremely low weight.

That said, these are _ultralight_ hubs, and come in durability wise somewhere around a Chris King. If you're a big guy, or really hard on components, go for the beefier versions of the Tune hubs (i.e. the set-up they recommend for off road: a MAG 75 up front and a MAG 200 or 220 rear).

If you do wind up getting them, please post a follow-up, I'd be interested to hear how you fare with Hi-Bike and the details of how these work out for you on the road, as I've been considering lacing a set of these up with Open Pros myself.
Good luck!