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today is a good day. stolen bike recovered(6 posts)

today is a good day. stolen bike recoveredcyclinseth
May 2, 2003 6:48 AM
last fall I posted my shock and grief at having my beloved bicycle stolen out of my basement. Well, yesterday evening I was out for a walk in my nieghborhood. I happened by a burrito joint and saw a sight that made my heart almost burst out of my chest. Just inside the door was my bright yellow Trek 1200. I stood outside peering in through the large, store-front window. There it was, a little worse for wear, but just beyond my fingertips all the same. Someone had switched out the front wheel. It looked completely uncared for, unloved, unappreciated, just another delivery bike. I went inside and told the cashier at the counter that I needed to talk to him about the yellow bike; that it was mine and it was stolen. He went to fetch the person who used it. A boy came out and I told him that it was my bike and it was stolen out of my basement last fall. I asked him where he got it and how much he paid for it. He informed me that he bought it off his cousin for $60. I told him I would cover his losses but I wanted my bicycle back.

I continue to wonder what trials may have befallen my trusted steed. If it could talk, what would it tell me? One thing I can hear it screaming for is an overhaul, a detailed scouring, a new front wheel and a spin around the park on sunday.
You are too kind...eschelon
May 2, 2003 7:10 AM
I remember seeing the movie: Pulp Fiction where John Travolta's character says to his drug pusher that his prized car was key up by some jerk and that it would have been worth it to have his car key up if John Travolta could catch the guy keying up his car...My reaction would have been to find out where this "cousin" lives and then stalk they guy and then proceed to make his life and the misery of it a personal hobby of mine for the next few weeks.
I would have called the cops. nm.PaulNYC
May 2, 2003 8:14 AM
Most excellent! I got a stolen bike back once....PseuZQ
May 2, 2003 10:50 AM
When I was little, like 8. My mom bought me a used bike because that's all she could afford at the time. Everyone in my neighborhood would give me crap about it, "Here comes new-used Sue on her new-used bike!" F*ckT8rds...Anyhow, it got stolen when my older sister had a party at our house. I was *really* bummed. About a month goes by and I'm at the Walnut Festival at Heather Farms and I see this kid on my bike!! I grabbed it by the sissy bar and yelled "GET OFF MY BIKE!!" He did, and I rode it home that day.

Turns out the guy sho stole it was the younger brother of one of my sister's friends.
May 2, 2003 2:52 PM
Glad you got it back. But I feel sad reading the story. You must have had a rough childhood and/or you lived in a place that bred the cruelest kids.

Hope there aren't turds like this anymore.
Aw, it wasn't *that* bad...PseuZQ
May 2, 2003 3:40 PM
ALthough I do wonder if I use cycling as a platform to work out my childhood issues.... ;-)