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cosmic convergence of 3 RBRers last night in Elvisville(6 posts)

cosmic convergence of 3 RBRers last night in ElvisvilleJS Haiku Shop
May 2, 2003 5:19 AM
I wasn't sure if this would be cause some kinda matter/anti-matter reaction. Turns out I didn't have to use my speed dial for Stephen Hawking. I think since Mike Prince is from NC, we avoided creation of a quantum singularity.

Here are my numbers, but theirs will be a bit different, since I did a slow commute in and back from the ride start (~5 mi RT for me).

36.73 lumpy miles
2:01:33 h:m:s
18.1 mph avg

This was a fast "B" / recovery ride, with few efforts, at least as we classify it. When it's cranked up, we'll cover the same course at about 22 mph (tasting lunch).

Mike Prince (euro-poser in Festina kit) rode strong, OTF several times, then soft pedaling to wait for us :) . He's very tall--about as tall as Wonderdog, 'cept Mike has 20 pounds on Wonderdog--I thihk it's all engine, too.

Tater is riding stronger and stronger, and reported a 19 mph average at the end of this ride. Discounting my slow commute, that sounds right on the mark. I would have turned around many times to check if he was still on, but it wasn't necessary--I could hear him chatting as we sped along canopied backroads.

Perhaps one or both can provide a better narrative. Guys?

(Pic, L-R: Special Tater, J, Mike Prince)
Holding my breath that longSpecialTater
May 2, 2003 7:21 AM
sucking my gut in was difficult after that ride. Gotta get me a Euro jersey to fit in with these Memphis boys..;)

It was a great ride on some of the best roads I've ridden. I'm more and more impressed with riding here with each ride and the group was really excellent. Thanks for waiting on me after the ONE hill. Right now the 22mph pace would make me lose my lunch.

It was good to meet Mike as well. Good luck with the race/non-race this weekend. Sounds brutal. I really enjoyed riding with you.

And have a good ride, J, over the 3 mountains and 3 states. That seems like one of the most beautiful places to ride in the Southeast based on my car trips through the area. Can't wait to read/hear about it.
NEWS ALERT...Mike Prince
May 2, 2003 7:42 AM
Never thought I would ever see it, but after I time trialed and caught up with the group (quite an effort as I was three minutes late as usual), I pull up behind J. We ride a few miles and I am realizing something is not right. Takes another mile to realize it, but I CAN SEE HIS SEATPOST! Expecting to see the customary Carradice steamer trunk mounted behind the saddle, there is something like a Carradice "egg" tucked up between the saddle rails. I was looking for the sag vehicle but saw none :)

Anyway, a fun ride. Lots of good folks and strong riders. One guy had me convinced that J was just released from prison and the only reason he rode with him was that he was his parole officer :)

The one big hill on this ride (at about mile 25) got me as J and I gave a Lombardian leadout for the pack and I had nothing left for the "mountain". Smart tactics by J letting me get out front on a heavily trafficked road and then telling me about the time I'll know.

Next ride I want to see the Merckx! I've seen both Surlys and it's time to pull out the speed machine. Not sure I'll be able to keep up with you on that though.

Great riding with both of you,
that's right, ladies and germs...30 CUBIC INCHESJS Haiku Shop
May 2, 2003 8:53 AM
...of storage in my jandd mini tool wedge. co2 pump, one tube, two cartridges. last evening i did offset the small saddlebag with fenders, though. we were riding between downpours, and i did get a soaking going home.

yes, it was an epic leadout, and yes, i suffered like a Sherwinian Dog up that last little incline, but it's all good. every week those guys forget that the hill keeps going until the intersection, if only so slightly. i *always* reel 'em in on the false flat. tactics, indeed. "it looks like J's caught them one-legged!"

let's not forget to menion the final "stop ahead" sign sprint, which i lost by 2cm. my sprint compatriot broke a spoke in the effort, and took a lift home as his rear wheel was rubbing *the frame*. d'oh!

here's a pic from the hillclimb last nightJS Haiku Shop
May 2, 2003 9:27 AM
LOL - that's a great one!! nmTNSquared
May 2, 2003 9:41 AM