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Shoe sizes are annoying!(12 posts)

Shoe sizes are annoying!Matno
May 2, 2003 1:48 AM
Why can't shoe manufacturers standardize their shoe sizes?! They could at least standardize the conversion between European and US sizes. Honestly, how can a 42 from one manufacturer be a 9 1/2 US and a 42 from another maker be an 8 1/2 US? Highly annoying.

Anyone know if there's a comparison somewhere showing which brands fit small or large?
Even when the numbers are the same, the sizes vary.dzrider
May 2, 2003 3:52 AM
It's why people try on shoes.
Shoes are the one item I buy at my LBS...Dave Hickey
May 2, 2003 3:56 AM
I wear a 42-44 depending on the manufacturer. I always buy them at my LBS because fit is too important.
Ditto. The fit is worth the extra $. nmfrankamo
May 2, 2003 4:37 AM
That's the problem, it's NOT worth it.Matno
May 2, 2003 10:11 AM
No way, no how. If I can save over $100 off the LBS price, I'll buy online everytime. However, I won't go to an LBS and waste their time trying on shoes just so I can buy them from someone else, which is a pain. What I'll end up having to do is find a larger store (not an LBS) that carries cycling shoes and try them on there. Or even more likely I'll just buy what I think should fit, then buy again if they don't. For the amount of money I can save on a good pair of shoes, I can actually buy two pairs and still come out ahead of any LBS I know of. (Of course, I would just sell any shoes that didn't fit on eBay).

So if I'm looking at Sidi's, and I wear an 8.5, I'd probably want to get a pair of 42's, but possibly 42.5. I guess I could always just surgically shorten my toes if the 42's don't fit. That would still be cheaper than paying full price for a pair of Sidi's...
cosmic alignmentterry b
May 2, 2003 5:33 AM
funny, I wasted part of yesterday afternoon making a table comparing the oddities of shoe sizes.

Excel Sports has a decent comparison on their web site - look on the right side of the page under "sizing charts."

for me, size 10.5 american we have 44.5 in Nike/Time, 43.5 in Pearl, 45 in Sidi/Diadora, 44 in Carnac.

gets better when I consider I sometimes take an 11.
re: Shoe sizes are annoying!The Human G-Nome
May 2, 2003 7:26 AM
well, yes. i wish i would have known that before i went and blew more then 100 bucks on Sidis in a 43 only to find out they're a full size too small. shimano and northwave were perfect in 43. ah well.
better ideaSpoiler
May 2, 2003 7:42 AM
Through genetic engineering, scientists should work on creating humans with the same size foot. Think about it.
It's not like humans cherish their uniqueness of foot size like their personalities.
Standardizing the entire human species' foot size should be made a national priority, like putting a man on the moon. It would save billions in manufacturing.
Women would be able to share their shoes, saving men billions of dollars. Women would no longer make presumptions about my, errr, men's organ size.
I think this giant leap foreward would be seen as a literal and symbolic bonding of nations, bringing us closer to global peace.
better ideamike r
May 2, 2003 3:59 PM
would be funny seeing a 5 foot nothing girl and a 7 foot tall guy with the same size foot.

could cause some problems with extreme sizes. perhaps they should engineer us with the same height and athletic/academic ability, in case anyone gets upset over their inadequacies. :)
the foot thing could work though, so long as they engineer size 9 feet.
re: Shoe sizes are annoying!carbs
May 2, 2003 8:23 AM
Sidi 45's were too small, but Shimano 44's fit fine.
re: Shoe sizes are annoying!purplepaul
May 2, 2003 1:04 PM
Before I ordered a pair of Nike Poggio II from the UK, I went to the local bike store, bought some stuff that wasn't worth getting through mail order, then casually said, "Hey, those are some wild looking shoes. Could I try on a pair?" Why, of course. Then, when they tell me that they cost $225, I say, oh, thanks anyway. So I pay the bill for the odds and ends and try not to feel too guilty as I save $65 ordering them from the UK.

BTW, I really hate the way the Poggio II looks, but it really does feel like a slipper. And a Nike 42 fits the same here as there.
re: Shoe sizes are annoying!al0
May 4, 2003 10:57 PM
Thre are no such thing as "European shoe sizes". The problem is that in different European countries they are different (while are marked the same, e.g. 42, 43, ...).