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Attn: Dave H. -Shimano on a Cinelli Super Corsa?(10 posts)

Attn: Dave H. -Shimano on a Cinelli Super Corsa?chipnseal
May 1, 2003 5:52 PM
Sorry Dave H., I'm trying to be discreet...I saw the beautiful Cinelli Super Corsa you recently acquired from GVH bikes.

I'm a big fan of Shimano, but did you consider Campy stuff for the Italian frame? I may go the same route with Gary so I'm curious to see what uour input would be.

Not to start a "Campy vs Shimano" thread---just curious! ;-)

re: Attn: Dave H. -Shimano on a Cinelli Super Corsa?Dorf411
May 1, 2003 6:51 PM
Where can I see the picture???? I am also very interested in one of the Cinelli Super Corsa's from GVH Bikes and would love to see it built up.

re: Attn: Dave H. -Shimano on a Cinelli Super Corsa?chipnseal
May 1, 2003 7:05 PM

Do a search "Cinelli Super Corsa" and voila- Dave took some nice pics.....

Looking at classic steel frames too? That red lugged frame is calling me!
(!)Oh the angst!
re: Attn: Dave H. -Shimano on a Cinelli Super Corsa?PMC
May 2, 2003 3:22 AM
Not Dave but here is a GVH Cinelli with an Ultegra build my brother in-law took delivery of earlier this spring. As a side note, this is straight out of the box so nothing had been adjusted for fit (size 55cm).
No complaints........Dave Hickey
May 2, 2003 3:24 AM
I really love the frame. I transfered the D/A group from another frame. If I bought a new group, I'd probably go with Campy. There is nothing wrong with D/A but this frame just cries out for Campy.
Here's a pic.Dave Hickey
May 2, 2003 3:32 AM
I love this bike...PEDDLEFOOT
May 2, 2003 4:24 AM
You've posted this pic before and it's one of my favorites.Great job.
Ah yes! Bravo!chipnseal
May 2, 2003 5:46 AM
at least you put a cinelli stem on it.rufus
May 2, 2003 8:30 AM
that bike just cries for a traditional quill stem.
What it's really crying out forTrent in WA
May 2, 2003 11:47 AM

I like the functionality of Campy Ergo stuff, but I think what the Cinelli really cries out for, with its clear, clean, classic lines, is an set of downtube shifters. The choice of aero or non-aero brake levers is up to you, but if you put a set of big, blocky Ergo brifters on it, you might as well put a rear rack and panniers on it as well.

(who likes Ergo brifters, rear racks, and panniers)