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poping noises coming from my CAAD 6(3 posts)

poping noises coming from my CAAD 6brains
May 1, 2003 3:59 PM
Last two rides I have been experiencing a pop-corn popping noise coming from the SI cranks or perhaps somewhere else in the drive train. Cant locate it and cant figure out what to do to eliminate it. Most noticable when I am out of the sattle. I think there may be a similar noise coming from the forks as well. I can create it sometimes by wrenching diagnally on the bars. but then again it may be that the pedal pressure causes the snap crackle pop. Its usually in time with the pedal strokes. Tonight I cleaned the crank arm bolts and took apart and cleaned and replaced the chainrings. Still popping though. I can recreate it with the cranks parrallel to the ground and press down on drive side crank with my hand while holding the bike stationary. Click with presure and then click again back off pressure? Im preplexed. I cant remove the crank arms either since I dont have the proper Cannondale Tool? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
could be a lot of things...Matno
May 1, 2003 4:48 PM
Noises are aggravating. I noticed a similar one on my CAAD4 today! I think mine was coming from the headset, but it's really hard to tell. It pops when I torque on the bars or anything else that puts downward pressure on the fork. My headset is kind of crappy, so I'm not too concerned about having to replace it.

If your sound really is coming from the BB area, chances are a good lube (or thread prep stuff) of the bottom bracket threads would do the trick. Had that on my mountain bike (the pop with every pedal stroke) and reinstalling the BB with lube got rid of it. Too bad you don't have the tool, since it would be pretty easy to do. On the other hand, a shop shouldn't charge too much for that.
might be that your bearings are wearingwheelsucker
May 1, 2003 4:52 PM
I ride a caad6, I know people that ride a caad7. nobody has had this problem. How old is the bike and how much/hard is it ridden. I've had my 6 almost 2 years and have ridden quite a lot. you may just need to replace the bearings or clean them, kind of like skate board wheels or rollerblade wheels start to sound junky if you don't take the bearings out and clean/reseat them.