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JOY!! (for those who may have forgotten)(3 posts)

JOY!! (for those who may have forgotten)Iamhoosier
May 1, 2003 11:37 AM
Started riding 3 yrs. ago on hybrid. Loved it so much, lusted for road bike. After 11 weeks of waiting, my LBS called last Thurs. and said my build was ready. It rained until early Sat. morning. Went out on errands while waiting for streets to dry. Felt this strange tingling in my legs and some shortness of breath. Finally realized that it was the anticipation of riding a road bike for the first time--MY road bike. I expected while I was waiting to be excited but this was like a kid at Christmas! Actually, probably haven't been this excited since standing and watching my wife walk down the aisle 23yrs ago.

I will turn 50 shortly. This is amazing. I used to think watching a bike race was like watching paint dry. It was great to feel that way at least once more.

Thanks to all that post. Thanks for sharing my joy and remember to enjoy life.
and your new ride is...? the anticipation is killing me. (nm)sievers11
May 1, 2003 11:44 AM
and your new ride is...? the anticipation is killing me. (nm)Iamhoosier
May 1, 2003 3:23 PM
I did not post what my new ride is for two reasons. One is that a lot of my joy is just riding and talking to others who ride. Just getting a road bike for the first time at my age seems somewhat special to me.

Of course, THE bike is also part of my joy(there's that word again). I'm a little embarrassed because it is so much better than I am. Anyway, it is Colnago Master X-Light, AD-4 color scheme. Ultegra triple and enough spacers to keep the stem police busy with me and leave someone else alone. "Old" style kinda like me. Figure it should last me the rest of my riding days.

Thanks again to all who post here. I have learned so much over the last couple of years.