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Carbon Steerer - Amount of spacers?? (sorry for cross post)(2 posts)

Carbon Steerer - Amount of spacers?? (sorry for cross post)fliparagon
May 1, 2003 9:10 AM
I know this topic has been asked but I just wanted some clarification.

I'm about to mount a Reynolds Ouzo pro on my Lemond 57cm frame. It's the integrated headset design. I emailed Lemond tech support regarding the proper steerer tube length for a Reynolds Ouzo Pro and this is what they replied with:

'Your new carbon fork should have these specs: [Swenson, Steve] (length 276mm steerer tube size [Swenson, Steve] 1 1/8 , and rake [Swenson, Steve] 43, a 44 or 45 will be fine. )'

Now, with that length of steerer tube, the amount of spacers underneath my stem will be over the 1.5" I've seen discussed. The steerer tube length Lemond tech support recommended matches the alloy fork I currently have on the bike. Does anyone have any hard numbers for the max length of spacers? If I am limited to the 1.5" of spacers underneath, can I compensate for the resulting lower bar positioning by flipping my stem (currently 100mm, 100 degree stem)? Or, did Lemond tech support already take this into consideration?

Max Spacers for Ouzo ProPsyDoc
May 1, 2003 11:28 AM
The maximum amount of spacers for the Ouzo Pro is 3.81cm or 1.5". You can compensate a number of ways. First, you get a stem with rise or flip your current stem as long as it is safe to do so. For example, ITM suggests you do not flip their model "The Stem." You can also find stems that have a wider profile. For example, the Ritchey WCS stem is around 4.3cm.