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Handlebars, stems and gift certificates(2 posts)

Handlebars, stems and gift certificatesPaulCL
May 1, 2003 6:54 AM
Much to my surprise, my Mom came through on a late birthday present. My BD was in February but I couldn't give her any ideas. Her idea: give me a present in April. I was surprised by a $75 col. cyclist GC in the mail yesterday. I love my Mom!! Ok, ok...I'll keep that in mind for mothers' day.

Now to the question....the recent post by Doug about his friend's handlebar snapping got me thinking ....again. I bought a new stem a month ago, but hadn't put it one becuase I was waiting until my bartape was so gross that I had to change it. Now I'm thinking about spending the GC bucks on a new bar and just doing it now.

Bars....aluminum?? CF?? specific recomendations on brands and models for 6'1" 185lb guy who torques the bars alot as I climb my local hills?? I have a quill I'll have to find out what size diameter bar to buy. Also, how important is it that I use campy record 10 for bar selection??

After all the conversations, I don't want scary light. My bike is light enough at around 17lbs. I think I'll avoid the bars mentioned in Doug's post.

Thanks. Paul
Ritchey ProNessism
May 1, 2003 11:59 AM
If you want strength, look for 7075 aluminum bars (which are stronger than 6XXX series bars) and make sure they are not super light. A little extra metal will go a long way to increase strength.

The Ritchey Pro bars are made from 7075 aluminum. Also the Pro is a thicker bar which is a good thing for people worried about braking bars. One other thing I like about the Pro bars is that they only have grooves on the front side of the bars. This good for Shimano users but bad for Campy fans.

Good luck.