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Mavic "CD" v. just plain black(7 posts)

Mavic "CD" v. just plain blackgregario
May 1, 2003 4:34 AM
Texas Cyclesport is offering what appears to be a great deal on a set of Mavic Cosmos wheels, $219 for the pair. They are offering them in black as opposed to the "CD" version. What exactly does "CD" mean? It's not the hard anodizing is it? Would there be any appreciable difference in strength between the two models?
how about $199?ClydeTri
May 1, 2003 4:42 AM
on sale at

CD is coating on the brake rim if I am gives some superior braking ability, especially when wet...more performance than most people usually need..also, I think CD rims require special brake pads which are more expensive?
I believe that you are referring tomsmootsiemartin
May 1, 2003 5:47 AM
the "ceramic" rims with the coating on the brake rim. The CD rims simply have a hard anodization. I've heard mixed reviews on whether the CD is worth the extra money over the regular rims.
oh, I thought...ClydeTri
May 1, 2003 7:05 AM
the CD rims were ceramic..they dont require special brake pads?
According to my research as well asmsmootsiemartin
May 1, 2003 8:26 AM
the Colorado Cyclist catalogue, Mavic makes a CD rim as well as a CD Ceramic rim. I don't believe the CD rim requires a special brake pad and do not know about the CD Ceramic rims.
Here's the difference (long response)johnnybegood
May 1, 2003 2:48 PM
Mavic makes (or made) their Open Pros in many flavors. When I bought mine two years ago from Colorado Cyclist they offered (amoung others) Open Pro CD and Open Pro CD with Ceramic (no black at the time). I have one of each on my "rain bike", the CD in the rear and the CD with Ceramic in the front since it is subjected to much greater braking force. The entire rim on both is coated with a dark brown coating. I imagine it is a ceramic laden paint which is baked on once applied. The advantage is claimed to be better corrosion resistance and better braking. The disadvantage is that any abrasive material which gets on the brake pads will scratch the coating off showing the aluminum base metal. Very noticable. The CD with ceramic has an additional coating applied to the braking surface. According to Mavic's website it is electro-deposited ceramic material. It is very abrasive, feels like ~320 grit emery cloth when not loaded up with brakepad rubber. It's great when wet because it does not loose very much stopping power. However, it eats through brake pads like crazy! Ceramic pads like the green Koolstops are made for the CD rims, not the CD with ceramic rims. Greens are actually softer than the Koolstop black pads to grab the CD coating better. I have found the best pads for the CD with ceramic rims were a now discontinued Shmimano pad made for mountain bike cantilever brakes specifically for the abrasive ceramic rims. I had to cut them down to fit into my old DA 7400 brakes. However, I cannot find them any more, so now I use regular old black rubber pads that are so old the rubber is hard as a rock. They last through many miles. Bottom line: if you need a good rim for riding in rain or mud, the CD with ceramic is a good bet. Keep an eye on brakepad wear or you will end up with metal to metal! I wouldn't spend alot of extra money on a a CD rim since the black with machined rim will not show the brakepad wear like the CD will, and the braking is not noticeable better.
May 1, 2003 11:41 PM
The difference between the black rim (painted black on top of a single anodising process) and the CD (special additional 'hard anodising' that gives it its colour - not painted) is substantial. I have ridden OP's in every shape and form (AND COLOUR). The CD (not the Ceramic - which is actually a 'metal spray' applied to the brake surface only) is a stronger rim - the extra anodising makes for a stiffer rim and the extra hardness allows for a longer-lasting brake surface. I've noticed no difference between painted and CD rims IRO braking, tho the Ceramic, as mentioned, is made for the wet and provides awesome wet-weather braking.