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Just Ordered A Koobi Au Enduro For Delivery in Canada(13 posts)

Just Ordered A Koobi Au Enduro For Delivery in CanadaBaadDawg
Apr 30, 2003 3:47 PM
Based on very good feedback on this saddle here on this forum I have taken the plunge and ordered one dirctly from Koobi. They warehouse stock in Calgary so there is no crossing a border thus no duty, broker fees, and supposedly no PST or GST. I bet there will be GST, I would be surprised if there is none. Shipping is $7 USD using UPS ground.

With a 30 guarantee, I figured why not.

My new ride now has a Selle Flite Ti Trans Am Gelflow and I have tried the Max Trans Am as well.

If I keep the Koobi I will sell the Flite on EBay unless someone from Canada who follows this forum wants it. Its got 2 rides on it and is in the original box. Sells for $150 CDN plus taxes. Obviously if I sell it will be for alot less.

Thanks for the heads up on the Koobi and I will let you know how I like it.
koobibianchi boy
Apr 30, 2003 5:41 PM
I ordered a Koobie Enduro -- mainly because of the 30-day guarantee -- after trying a bunch of different saddles. I fully expected to be sending it back after a few weeks, but I liked it so much I ordered another one (actually a Silver, which is the same saddle with solid leather top).

I've been riding Koobi saddles now for a year and I haven't found a more comfortable one for my butt. I had ridden a TransAm Max for more than a year when I got the Koobi but the TransAm started bothering me after a while and caused some saddle sores. I liked the cutout, however, and never had any problems with numbness from the TransAm -- which is one reason why I tried the Koobi.
Can't Agree More Koobi=Great Saddleabicirider
Apr 30, 2003 6:25 PM
I use Koobi Xenon's on all my road bikes as well as my mountain bikes, most comfortable saddle I have ever used.
Dont think you can go wrong with Koobi, but that is just my personal opinion.
Be Safe Out On The Roads!!!!!!!!!!
Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
Apr 30, 2003 6:30 PM
The Flite Ti Trans Am Gelflow is more comfortable to me than the Max Trans Am was. The ridges along the cut out are softer than on the non gel version.

If my LBS had the max trans am gelflow I would try that because since I bought a new bike from them they would let me swap.

But they are not carrying the max gelflow so I am going to try the Koobi Enduro.'

Was considering the Silver for $15 less but liked the fact that the back and sides of the Enduro are Kevlar. I find saddles get scrubbed when you lean the bike up against bricks and stuff.

Hope the Kevlar is worth 15 bucks more.

Rather lose a few bucks and have the right saddle than save a few bucks and ride on a sore arse.

I have a 25 year old Brooks Professional on my old ride but I never found it especially comfortable, definitely gives you a novocaine shot to the gonads and weighs a ton.

Hope the Koobi does the job.
enduro vs silvertarwheel
May 1, 2003 4:24 AM
I originally ordered a Koobi Silver because I liked the simple black leather appearance. However, they were out of Silvers at that time, so I ordered an Enduro. I liked that so much, I ordered a Silver for my other bike when they had them in stock. Both saddles have the same dimensions and padding. The kevlar corners on the Enduro provide some slip resistance and are more durable if you tend to scuff up your saddles. I actually fell over sideways on an extremely steep climb last fall and was glad to have the kevlar corners on my saddle and it had no visible damage. The Silver feels the same as the Enduro but you slip around a little more. It has a more classic appearance if you like a plain black saddle. One of the things that has turned me off to Selle Italia and San Marco saddles is all the gaudy stitching they put on most of their saddles these days. To me, the saddle shouldn't be thing that catches your eye when you looks at a bike. Plus, I find the stitching and embroidery to be uncomfortable and it wears out bike shorts.
enduro vs silverBaadDawg
May 1, 2003 5:17 AM
I've fallen over sideways plenty. Always because I slowed down more than I had anticipated and had to pull out of the pedals and just could not.
I fully expected to have to swap out my Max Trans AmFrith
May 1, 2003 5:42 AM
as you know I have the same ride as you. The saddle is the one thing I thought I was going to have to get rid of. I was pleasantly surprised that after my "spring ass" subsided the max was pretty damn comfortable. I looked at the koobi's too but mainly because I thought the red/white/black colour schemes matched the tcr nicely :)...
On a side note I thought I'd let you know that I'm loving my tcr! Every day I get more comfortable with it. It responds really nicely to my input. I did experience a frightening bit of death wobble while decsending a large hill. I think it had more to do with crosswinds, poor road conditions, and above all my relative newbieism on a roadie, then anything about the bike... I'm going to practice descents a little more and then go back there to see if it happens again. Other than that I'm loving about you?
I fully expected to have to swap out my Max Trans AmBaadDawg
May 1, 2003 7:59 AM
The last time you replied to my initial reactions to the bike I replied back in that thred with some detailed notes. I guess you never looked back to that thread to see it. Here it is again: From April 13th

Had my 3rd ride today. It was about +6C and 20 k winds (cold).
Was going to do just an hour to stay loose, ended up doing 2 without stopping once except for traffic (Sundays are great so much less traffic).

Finally starting to get to know this bike although it keeps surprising me. On the saddle side my ass is still sore with the max flite trans am and I got numb nuts today so I'm going to try another saddle, probaly a Flite trans Am Gel Flow. There is always my old Brooks pro as a fall back but its heavier. Not at that stage yet.

Getting comfortable with the flitedeck is nice. Very nice seeing your gearing combo always on display. Never need to look down to check. It becomes a habit checking by looking down and with no need to its alot better (and safer).

I did a ride today I have done hundreds of times on my 30 year old campy steely so I was really comparing apples to apples today.

The 1st thing that struck me was how smooth and absorbent the ride was. But its things like moderate uphills over overpasses where I am now noticing major differences. There are quite a few on the ride I took today and combined with the wind I would always struggle and get out of my groove when going up them. With this new bike these rises are so much easier, almost like the wind is at your back when in fact it's not. It also means because I don't have to struggle as much, my rhythm is much better resulting in longer time on the saddle.

Short rides become longer because I don't want to stop (even at +6C)

And standing up is totally different. When I get out of the saddle the power transmission is pretty amazing. I can go longer and in bigger gears out of the saddle with much less fatigue.

So far each ride has been more pleasant than the last as I get used to the bike.
For FrithBaadDawg
May 1, 2003 8:43 AM
So those notes were from April 13th.

I have tried to ride every day that was nice and missed only a few. Yesterday I did 80km and the only thing I am not especially happy with is my ass. Hence the experiment with the Koobi. Plus they ship out of Calgary and there is no penalty to buying and being in Canada and they will take it back within 30 days and everyone loves this saddle.

The Trans Am Flite Ti Gelflow seems a bit better on my ass than the Max, which was much better than the original no gel Flite Trans Am. Is your max the gel or non gel?

I also changed my rear cassette. The bike comes with an 11-23 which I replaced before I got the bike with a 12-25.

I now have a 13-25 and wonder if I shouldn't have gone with the 14-25. I find that with a 53 the only time I'm using 12-13 is when its quite downhill or a really big wind at my back, whereas I am using the middle cogs all the time.

The 13-25 is nice for me.

More I ride this bike the more I am in love.

Hills that would normally make me cringe in advance I now actually look forward to.

Gearing down 2 gears before standing up on the pedals is totally new to me.

I got new Look PP396 Jalabert pedals from Nashbar and Lake CX 220 shoes in the wide version.

All in all I am one happy rider. Oh ya I started with Pedro's Ice Wax and after 2 rides I took it off (that sh*t is noisy) and went to ProLink. Much quieter.

Let me know your experiences.
i'm going to switch to a 13 or 14 - 25Frith
May 1, 2003 12:14 PM
My experience has been the same as yours in that dept...I'm more of a spinner anyway. The saddle i've got is the one that came with the bike the Flite Trans Am. As far as my ass is concerned ignorance is bliss for now. If I were to try another saddle I may find a new level of comfort but for now I'm not suffering. I also swapped my seatpost out for a straight carbon opus. I couldn't get over the bb with the setback on the original aero which is a bit of a shame because it's such a pretty post. Pedals/shoes are the weak point in the chain. I'm using some pretty spinless mountainbike shoes and a pair of ritchey spds transferred over from my mtb. I'll probably realize a whole new level of efficiency when i get some decent pedals and shoes. My longest ride has been about 65km which was this weekend. Some great hills and windy roads...nice test.
Have you had any speed wobbles? I'm pretty sure they were due to bad technique on my part but I almost soiled my chamois when it happened.
Cornering is another thing It will take a while before I have enough guts to lean into high speed turns the way I sense that this bike wants me too.
Right now I would have to face the firing squad if the spacer police ever caught up to me 3cm plus flipped 110 stem... all adds up to bars that are only about 3-4cm below the seat which is enough until this new roadie gets comfortable. When I take out some of the spacers I'll probably go with a bit shorter stem too. My bike is a large.
i'm going to switch to a 13 or 14 - 25BaadDawg
May 1, 2003 1:09 PM
Mine is the 110 flipped up with all the spacers in. Have about a 3" drop from saddle to bars. My frame is a medium. I am 5'10 with relatively short legs (30" inseam) and a tall upper body.

I was using old diadora road shoes that were too small and killed my feet. Not very supportive either. I also had old SHimano Look clipless (circa 1988).

I never liked getting in those pedals. Always was a hassle finding the pedal in traffic.

I ordered my shoes and pedals and an extra set of Michelin Pro Race Tires from Nashbar. Sent the stuff to a friend's mom's house in NY and he brought them back when he went down for Easter. No tax, duty, nada and 20% off coupon code. Plus I got wide shoes which I can't get in Canada.

Probably ordered them 1 size too big but with thicker socks they work pretty good.

The dif between my old ill fitting soft non supportive shoes and my new Lake CX 220 Xtreme is 15rpm faster cadence with the same effort. Amazing difference. If they were perfctly sized maybe the difference would be even greater. At least my feet dont hurt and I have way more support. A nice shoe I saw that is pretty cheap if it fits you is Louis Garneau ErgoAir. Its a road shoe. Try it when you are looking. Being Canadian company its a better value.

Very happy so far with the Look PP396 pedals. The are the black and red Jalabert version.

Much easier to get into than my old Look/Shimanos.

If I had to do it over again I just might have ordered the 14-25 instead of the 13-25. Its too late now. I just dont see myself pushing 53-13 for very long other than downhill and major winds.

But then again everthing else I am doing on this bike is new to me too, so maybe 13-53 will become more of a normal occurance.

Still wish I could have gotten a triple with this bike though, for tougher terrain than we have here and just in case I ever need it. For nearly all my current needs though the double works so I can't complain.
i'm going to switch to a 13 or 14 - 25BaadDawg
May 1, 2003 1:13 PM
As far as speed wabbles I haven't gone up anything really big yet except a short but very steep hill right near my house. On those short decents (over 60kph) I have not noticed any instability.

Some others have reported speed wabbles with that bike but others quickly reported not having that problem.

What pressure do you keep your tires at.

My LBS has recommended 95 front 100 rear. The pro races take lower pressures than other tires.
re: Just Ordered A Koobi Au Enduro For Delivery in Canadatmac13
May 1, 2003 9:00 AM
I just ordered the Koobi PRS, supposedly their most comfortable road saddle. Funky color scheme, maybe a little heavy at 299grms. Have only 1 ride on it, but pretty comfortable so far. Check it out, it actually has small shock absorbers built in, great for me as I have a bad back.