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Max speed gone crazy(4 posts)

Max speed gone crazyblakester
Apr 30, 2003 3:22 PM
I have a cordless Cateye 7 cyclomter, and as I ride along the max speed seems normal, then I'll do a hill or something, get inton the 35-40 mph range, and I'll look back and It will say something like 55 mph, or faster, same thing sometimes happens at stoplights. The clock also slowly speeds up, a few minutes a day, and the categories such as max speed, avg, distance, and time don't clear themselves, even over night. ANy help out there?
Same problems with my Cateye 7Tower
Apr 30, 2003 6:14 PM
I've had the same problem with my Cateye Cordless 7, but never during a ride. Though there aren't many hills here around Houson! :-)

I'd take the bike out one day and go to erease the previous rides stats and they'd be all crazy. Max speed 50+mph, average speed way high, ride time 4 hours, etc. I finally figured out that my cable modem connection was tripping it, even though the bike was in the other room. I figured out to point the bike the other direction, away from the cable jack. Sounds really really crazy but it's true.

However I've been having trouble with it lately again. This time my average speed will be way lower than it was when I finished the day before, and the distance would be more.

This instance is possibly attributed to a bad battery, so maybe I'll try that next.

So far, I've been only marginally impressed with the cateye cordless 7. I have a specialized wireless on my MTB and have had zero trouble with it. So if the cateye doesn't improve, I'll replace it with another specialized.

As a side note, I've heard that the magnets in the street linked to stoplights can trip a bike computer. Something to think about......
re: Max speed gone crazyDERICK
Apr 30, 2003 6:17 PM
Try a new battery. Should be less than $5.00 at RadioShack. Electronics can act really funny when the voltage is not constant. The max speed can be thrown off at a stoplight if you stop with the magnet next to the sensor and move the bike back and forth a bit. Like doing a track stand. Once I got back from a ride and my max speed was 79 MPH. I was able to recreate the effect by moving the wheel back and forth with the magnet over the sensor. I'm not familiar with that specific computer but the different categories will not delete themselves. You either have to delete them individually or all at once.
I just did 74mph according to my specialized computer nmafrican
May 1, 2003 5:36 AM