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Any Orbea riders out there?(11 posts)

Any Orbea riders out there?jptaylorsg
Apr 30, 2003 12:06 PM
I'm looking into getting a new frame, and I'm gonna test ride some Orbeas. Just wondering if anyone has an Orbea frame (I'm not picky on which one, just want to get a feel for the company, I don't see them listed in the reviews) and what they think of the bike.
re: Any Orbea riders out there?JS Haiku Shop
Apr 30, 2003 12:24 PM
not personally, but...

my riding bud has a zeus roubaix (aluminum), made by orbea. he's plenty happy with the frame, which seems bomb proof under his big-mashing, 200#-sprinting carcass. he purchased it on ebay from a one-off of the US importer/distributor, based in Little Rock (AR).

I've purchased and have yet to build a zeus pro (foco steel) from gary hobbs. before making the commitment, i called and discussed (for the second time in as many years) with the owner of the importer/company in Little Rock. he was very accommodating and made a point that i was clear that he'd be happy to help if any problems ever arose--and this is a (never ridden) bike *not* from a shop (from GVH), and perhaps not under any type of guarantee, other than Gary's word (which is plenty good enough for me).

another poster here recently (within the last 5 weeks) posted about--if i remember right--a cracked or busted orbea aluminum frame (a rarity, as they seem overbuilt). i think he was in australia or new zealand, but i don't remember for sure--maybe that's where the frame came from. he indicated a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer--on an AL frame.

one last thing--one of our (intermittent) weeknight club riders (on the "spirited" ride), and master's racer, upgraded recently to an orbea. i think it's either AL or AL/CF. beautiful bike, and he's happy with it so far.

HTH. good luck.

It seems to be the fastest seller in my area (Spoiler).....chopper
Apr 30, 2003 12:24 PM
A few local shops started carrying Orbea some months ago and now I see them all the time, some nice color schemes, and I believe they are ridden by the Euskatel-Euskadi team whom Roberto Laiseka rides for and who won a stage of the TDF in 2001 I believe. So, at least some people seem to like them.
LOL....... Those results are only 2 years old...nmDave Hickey
Apr 30, 2003 1:38 PM
LOL. Good one. nmRJF
Apr 30, 2003 1:46 PM
I just built a Starshipterry b
Apr 30, 2003 1:20 PM
and I'm pretty happy with it. Very light, steers quick, seems as fast as my other bikes. Starship ride is not harsh at all, not perhaps as smooth as my heavier steel bikes but not uncomfortable in the least. Build on the bike is impeccable - good welds and very clean paint. Mine is rendered in the Euskatel colors, built with Chorus and a set of custom wheels. Can't say enough good things about dealing with Orbea-USA - bought mine direct from Justin as there are no local dealers here in NM. He was great to deal with and delivered very quickly. Overall a positive experience.

The pic below is of mine from the Gallery -
Lobular carbonDMoore
Apr 30, 2003 4:53 PM
My amateur team is sponsored by Orbea. Some riders have their bikes already, although I'm still waiting for mine. On last night's hill ride, two team members had their brand new lobular carbons. Both were highly complimentary of the ride, saying the bikes felt very smooth - they were surprised at the ride for an aluminum bike. Both riders have a collection of bikes, including high quality custom steel frames, so they do have a point of reference. My other bikes vary from a steel Richard Sachs to a Specialized E-5, so it will be interesting to see where in the spectrum the Orbea fits. Hopefully, I'll find out soon.
Lobular carbonrandy_nyc
May 16, 2003 8:56 AM
i was looking at buying a lobular with carbon stays in sloping geometry model. How do you like these frames? Are these what your team has?

re: Any Orbea riders out there?Giant Joe
Apr 30, 2003 6:30 PM
I got A 2002 Orbea starship voop(compact)been ridding for about 4 months.I like the ride alot seems to transfer my power great at the bottom bracket and for long rides no problems with discomfort at all.It's A keeper for me along with my carbon Giant.
Take one for A test ride and If you like,get A good fit and enjoy the ride.
Joe(#218 rec ridder at 6'3")
XLR8R carbonQuentinCassidy
May 1, 2003 6:18 AM
I've been riding a 2002 compact xlr8r frame w/muscle fork and carve seat stays for about 5 months now (4500 miles) and I like it a lot. For 2003 the fork and stays are house-brand Zues, and I don't know anything about those. But by all accounts, they have one of the most able factories around town.

High points: race oriented geometry (I don't pedal-strike in crits like I did on my old bike), shaped tubing looks cool (including confidence inspiring chainstays that have plenty of clearance in case you need to wobble home on a bent rim), replaceable der hanger, euro name, and some of the cooler paint jobs you'll find.

It does everything well, but you're kidding yourself if you think it's going to climb, corner, or sprint significantly different than any other well-built compact aluminum bike. Yes, I've ridden the best of from Italy and the most average from Taiwan, and they're more similar than you might want to believe... go ahead and flame me for saying it guys.

One note: At first I had an aluminum seat post and that was beating the hell out of me, so I switched to carbon and now putting in long days and big weeks isn't an issue. Again, flame me for saying it, but it made a huge difference.
Excellent monicker (from a one-time runner) (nm)geeker
May 1, 2003 6:56 AM