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My new ride!(5 posts)

My new ride!speedisgood
Apr 29, 2003 8:23 PM
Just got my camera working again so I thought I'd share a pic of my new ride with you guys and gals. It's a Pedalforce QS monocoque carbon frame ( that I got new off ebay for a measly $325 plus shipping ($28) from Singapore (SARS not included). It was discounted from the $599 retail because of a barely noticeable blemish in the paint. Not a bad deal at all! I swapped out some drivetrain components (DA) off of my GT ZR 1000 (just behind the new one), had some old handlebars (ITM 260's), wheels, etc. and got new DA shifters, Ultegra crankset, and Flite saddle (the old Flite is starting to sag like a hammock). The fork is a closeout $130 Kestrel EMS Pro (1" cro-mo steerer for stiffness) from Nashbar (thank you 20% off coupon!) for $103.

The quality of workmanship is good but not super stellar, but then this retails for $600 and I'm very satisfied. The paint is thick, deep and luscious looking. Aluminum shells make up the head tube and BB shell. Cable routing is internal for the rear brake and derailleur cables. The entire rear brake cable housing is passed thru the top tube while the derailleur cables go thru their tunnels "naked". I wonder about the design of the derailleur cable tunnels as they appear to be designed for the cable housing to butt against the front end of the tunnel even though the cable housing ends at the derailleur adjuster stops.

I've put about 100 training and about 65 racing miles on the bike so far over mostly rough NE Ohio pavement. All I can say is that after riding a stiff aluminum frame for 2 1/2 seasons, carbon is MUCH more comfortable while being as stiff or maybe even a little stiffer in the front end and BB. The first ride I took on the new rig I had to keep checking that my tires weren't going soft! It truly felt like I had 28's on the rims. FYI, the geometries are close to identical (STA=74, HTA=73, TT=54 cm) except for the QS is I think 5 mm longer in the wheelbase. I also ride with the same training wheels as with the GT. All told, with the HEAVY training wheels, the bike is exaclty 20 lbs. on a certified scale. My guess is that it's around 17 with the Zipps.

If anyone is in the market for a new carbon frame, I highly recommend Pedalforce. I dealt with Mike, who answered all my questions quickly. Shipping took less than a week and they even put the value of the frame @ $50 and marked it "gift" for customs. Not sure if that's good if the frame is damaged in transit tho.
Cool looking frame! Nice shape nmrwbadley
Apr 30, 2003 6:38 AM
Very nice lookingPaulCL
Apr 30, 2003 7:24 AM
NE Ohio....potholes, ruts, grooves, crazy drivers. Been there, done that. I have family in Akron, family in Erie so I've ridden in that general area. I thought the roads were rough in my area (just south of Cincinnati) but your winters chew up and spit out roads.

Sharp looking bike. For those dollars, you couldn't go wrong. Did it come with any decals or just plain???
Apr 30, 2003 5:07 PM
No decals at all. I was thinking of putting some Trek or Klein (team sponsor) stickers on but I dunno. It would be fun to tell people that this is the latest super-secret LA frame that will debut in the Tour. Well, fun for the first week or so.
who sold this to you on eBay? nmkomatiite
May 4, 2003 8:31 PM
id pick one up if it were that cheap...