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Wheel sucking, what does it mean? Does it PISS you off ?(14 posts)

Wheel sucking, what does it mean? Does it PISS you off ?t-moore
Apr 29, 2003 12:09 PM
I have heard of drafting, but not sure of wheel sucking. It doesn't sound good though....
wheel sucking=drafting without working at the front (nm)ColnagoFE
Apr 29, 2003 12:13 PM
re: Wheel sucking, what does it mean? Does it PISS you off ?godot
Apr 29, 2003 12:47 PM
Wheel sucking is just sitting on someone's wheel for a while without taking a pull.

The only time it bugs me is if I'm on a solo ride, and someone sits on my wheel without letting me know they are there. If you are coming up on someone and are thinking of drafting, just pull up, let them know you are there and ask if it is okay to draft for a bit. Chances are they won't have a problem with it.

Also, if they know you're back there they'll point out stuff in the road and steer you toward clean lines.
re: Wheel sucking, what does it mean? Does it PISS you off ?russw19
Apr 29, 2003 1:43 PM
In racing, it's a little more looked down upon, but it's a valid race tactic. There are ways to shake a rider loose and there are ways for them to stick to your wheel like flies on turds. It has never pissed me off on a rec. ride. I just think of it as a compliment that another rider thinks so much of my pace that they just want to sit on and be a part of it.

For racing? Yeah sure.elviento
Apr 30, 2003 7:14 AM
I suppose punching someone in the face is pretty good race tactic in a boxing match too. But we are not talking about actual formal competition here. Sometimes someone comes along and sucks my wheel on a regular ride. It doesn't really affect me practically but it's annoying. It's just like when I was in grade school we used to put our hands like an inch before someone's nose and saying "I am not touching you so I am not being invasive" or something to that effect.
BIG TIME if they claim to be a racer!hycobob
Apr 29, 2003 5:12 PM
We have a few juniors who claim, "I'm a sprinter", when asked why ther're pulling out of a paceline early. If they were just plain pooped out it would be OK. But these kids will draft then sprint out and be caught by the pack on club rides time and again. Now I know riding is fun, but when you are getting tired and some kid has worn himself out with sprints and won't take his turn expecting you to pull him in, THATS CRAP! Also in "organized rides" if you are going to ambush a passing paceline, stay with it and follow their rotation. Nothing worse than getting split up by slower riders (who don't pull out and make gaps) or riders who speed up and slow down on the front.

I'm not perfect by a long way and I've been seen falling off the back quite a few times; but I do try to follow good paceline etiquite. We had a lady start to answer her cell phone (while riding) on a club ride last year...thats a big no-no!
I take it as a high complement ...Humma Hah
Apr 29, 2003 2:19 PM
... however, anyone who sucks wheel behind a singlespeed cruiser has no pride whatsoever. I'll usually find some poor soul tagging along back there about 80 miles into a century, and I figure they need it.

My wife has an improvement on the technique. On long climbs, she'll pull up beside me, reach out, and grab on to my backpack for a climb assist. If I'm going slow enough to let her keep up, I need the extra exercise anyway.
Only if he's riding his aerobars!!! (nm)Alexx
Apr 29, 2003 3:45 PM
its a beautiful thing:)wheelsucker
Apr 29, 2003 5:52 PM
if you can get in a good break you can sometimes look like your working when your really not. When you get in a break with more than 2 or 3 guys its easier to get away with.
Where I come from........cyclequip
Apr 30, 2003 12:59 AM
Wieltjiesuigers, sooner or later, end up getting an elbow, normally sending them straight into a ditch. And nobody cries foul, either. In fact, they don't even look over when you start to scream!
You better hold on tight, brother, cos it's gonna get rough.
Happened to me on the MS150Teach
Apr 30, 2003 6:41 AM
A few weeks ago I'm riding with a friend at about mile 70 of 80 coming into La Grange. She tells me I've caught some drafters. I heard her ask them to take a pull, but they just laughed. What did I do? I sprinted away and dropped them.
Nice. But what about your friend? nmpurplepaul
Apr 30, 2003 9:37 AM
what's the big deal?DougSloan
Apr 30, 2003 6:48 AM
Who cares? There are very few circumstances where a drafting rider could be a problem for the front rider. As most of us know, with bumps or wheel overlap, it's the rear guy who will go down. I've never even heard of a case of taking out a front rider from the rear. Plus, if you want to blow snot-rockets, spit, pass gas, or whatever, it's the rear guy with the problem.

In races, anything is fair game, if you can get away with it. You can always slow down.

The only thing I don't like is the guy on training rides who sits in and then pulls away on the hills or sprint finish. Good tactics, but bad sportsmanship. See this link for humorous treatment of the subject, but a little off color:

Who cares? We're just riding bikes. nmbcm119
Apr 30, 2003 7:19 AM