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Need help choosing handlebar!(6 posts)

Need help choosing handlebar!kushogun
Apr 28, 2003 10:02 PM
Hello. I need help finding a new handlebar. I need a bard with a reduced lever reach. I also would like carbon finber to help reduce the buzz from my C'Dale. Anyways, I've considered the TTT more/Deda Spectrum, because of the short lever reach, but then I realized it may be a pain in the you know what to mount my computer. Then I turned my attention towards the Easton EC90 as well as the Kestrel EMS pro. However, I am not sure of what the lever reach is like with these bars. While the 26mm clamp is desireable because my computer mount will work with it, I don't want to drop $150 on a bar that cannot let me get to the levers more securely when in the drops. Your thoughts of any alternative? I love the TTT bars, so if you all have any clues on what I could do to mount my computer on the 31.8mm bar that'd be great if you'd share. Just you let you all know my computer is the Specialized SpeedZone Elite. Note: I'm not really interested in the super expensive carbon setups like stella azzurra, cinelli ram, or deda synapsi. Thanks again and keep the rubber side down!
re: Need help choosing handlebar!BenR
Apr 28, 2003 10:56 PM
Unless you are looking for a super stiff bar, consider TTT prima 199's. Surprisingly stiff for their weight (and price) and I thought they were pretty good at smoothing out the ride. They are a squarish bar with short reach to the hoods and fairly shallow, anatomic drop. Kestrels are more "average" reach and drop with traditional bend and are very stiff. Eastons are flexier, a bit smoother and flexier, and very long reach to the hoods.

I've heard of people using zip ties to mount computers on oversized bars by threading them through the screw hole on the mounting bracket and cinching down.
re: Need help choosing handlebar!Juanmoretime
Apr 29, 2003 1:11 AM
I've ridden the Eastons, very deep drop and reach. When I bought them, I had to get a shorter stem to feel comfortable. I now ride the 3T Prima 199 and agree with BenR, they are the best for small hands, I also prefer that 3T's measurement for bar width is end to end not center to center. The Easton 44's felt too wide where the Prima 199's 44 feels perfect. I disagree about comments about the Prima being flexy, they are plenty stiff for me.
web site for dimensionstarwheel
Apr 29, 2003 4:20 AM
If you go to, and look in the components section under handlebars, they have all the dimensions posted for a wide variety of handlebars -- drop, reach, weight, etc. Personally, I am very skeptical about the ability of carbon bars to damp much vibration, but that is not speaking from experience. If vibration is a problem, you might consider buying some of the new Cinelli gel bar tape. It costs a little more, but would be much cheaper than carbon bars and would probably damp vibration a lot more.
Wow, excellent source, thanks!(nm)gregario
Apr 29, 2003 9:04 AM
Ritchey WCSM_Lou
Apr 29, 2003 6:45 AM
I have used the Kestrel EMS bars for about 6 months. My experience is that the road dampening properties were not all that noticeable (I ride an aluminum Fondriest Don Racer). I ultimately abandoned these bars in favor of the Ritchey WCS bar/stem set up. I find that the Ritchey bars offer a better reach to the brake levers, particularly on the drops. The Ritchey bars offer a shallower drop than the Kestrel bars and the bar stem combo is less expensive than analogous set ups from Deda, TTT, and Stella Azzura.