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New York Times article on vitamins(9 posts)

New York Times article on vitaminschriscpa
Apr 28, 2003 7:20 PM
Lots of info, but not very useful either
re: New York Times article on vitaminsrussw19
Apr 28, 2003 7:35 PM
How about copy and pasting the article, or at least a summary and paraphrase it for us. Those of us who are not NY Times subscribers won't see anything in your link.

re: New York Times article on vitaminshammer_cycle
Apr 28, 2003 7:57 PM
You don't have to to pay to have access to the website.

It basically said that everyone is popping vitamin pills and hoping for a magical solution for bad nutrition. It indicated that many of the doses included in multivitamins are rather high and when combined with other food sources, could lead to levels of certain minerals that are actually harmful for the body.

It also repeats often how we do not really know the exact impact of many of these minerals and vitamins. I'm glad to read this stuff because frankly I'm sick of people telling me to take all of these herbs and suppliments which have dubious results of actually having any positive impact.
re: New York Times article on vitaminsSpunout
Apr 29, 2003 3:56 AM
Yup. There is not a supplement for a good diet. That said, I pop a multi every morning.

But for the amount of water an endurance athlete processes daily, anything extra is 'down the drain'.
re: Mass confusionwilki5
Apr 29, 2003 8:55 AM
There is never any substitue for a healthy diet. That said just because a scientist can't pinpoint benefits from 'herbs and vitamins' does not mean that none exist. The onus is on us as consumer to educate ourselves. There are undoubtably beneficial supplements out there as well as many useless ones. Do some reading (more than just the NY Times) and make a smart choice.
re: Mass confusionLinuxDude
Apr 29, 2003 9:56 AM
A lot of these mainstream articles subjectively pick out certain studies that downplays the benefits of herbal/nutritional supplements or they site studies that claim that these things are downright dangerous and can kill you. Well, what about those other thousands upon thousands of studies published in reputable scientific peer-reviewed journals that indicate many benefits associated with these nutrients?

Main media is a very bad source to get your health information from. As they have many vested interests to present bias reports. They receive a great deal of their income from advertisement from the pharmaceutical industry, which is probably the biggest enemy of alternative treatments and preventative solutions.

I have been taking high dosage vitamins and minerals with very good benefits. I have never felt sick from taking these supplements. On the other hand, even the least potent of the pharmaceutical drugs have multiple immediate side effects.

Don't let these media outlets decide for you what you should take and what you should not. Let experience be you ultimate teacher.

What these guys are doing is spreading FUD (fear death uncertainty) based on my personal experience.

Btw, there are too many opinions in this article, too many "expert" advices and organization advice. Where are the specific studies, if so who were the studies' financial contributors? Without these pieces, these claims are worthless.
Apr 29, 2003 10:39 AM
FUD is fear, uncertainty and doubt...

> I have been taking high dosage vitamins and minerals with very good benefits. I have never felt sick from taking these supplements. On the other hand, even the least potent of the pharmaceutical drugs have multiple immediate side effects.

You are just one person however...this is like saying "my grandfather was a smoker for 70 years and he lived to be 100. Smoking can't be bad for you".

When you say "good benefits", what do you mean exactly?
Did you start taking the vitamins/supplements one at a time?
Did you use the scientific method for yourself when you started taking them?

Your data point just isn't very valuable on its own...That said, I agree with the gist of your post. There is a lot of media spin and a whole lot of FUD.
It gets spun both ways--"if you don't take a multivitamin you might die sooner" type thing in order to sell more vitamins.
thanks for the correction...LinuxDude
Apr 29, 2003 1:12 PM
I don't know if I like your smoking analogy. Smoking is proven time and over for its harmfulness. It's responsible for probably hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths if not millions.

Let aside its proven benefits, how many people are known to have died from high dosage vitamins? Three? Two? Maybe none? I mean come on. If you want to make this an academic exercise, fine. But I don?t have time for that. I know what works for me and there are literally thousands of studies that back up my claim. Whenever I slack off on my regular intake of natural supplements I tend to require more sleep, I develop more acne on my skin and catch colds easily. Oh, yeah it also hastens recovery from exhaustive workout or centuries. There have been many studies that have shown that when these nutrients are taken in the small amounts (as recommended by FDA), the benefits will be none to imperceptible. if you want to find out just go to your local college lib. and search through medical and other scientific journals. Just don't take everything the media tells you literally.

I do however agree with the article that a good diet, high in fresh veg. and fruits is probably more important. But, I disagree with the article that the diet of most American meet the nutritional requirement adequately. I would say about 90% of Americans hardly consume any fresh veg or fruits. Yeah, but they do eat many burger, fries, eggs, dairy and sugar. What kind of nutrient can you find in those foods?
re: New York Times article on vitaminsrussw19
Apr 29, 2003 9:27 AM
Thanks Hammer.. I went to the site and it asked for a login and pass and I just immediately left it. Thanks for the summary.

It's funny too that people take so much (high dosage) of vitamins thinking more is better... it's just gonna pass thru your system (unless it's a heavy element) and into the toilet. I read a report once a while back about water sanitation plants and reclamation plants... it said this one plant processed tons of undigested vitamins a year because people took too much and their bodies couldn't process them before passing them.

Anyways, that's a great statement you made about people taking vitamins as a response to poor nutrition. Well said!