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Knees, Pedals and Feet -- Oh My(2 posts)

Knees, Pedals and Feet -- Oh Mysnapdragen
Apr 28, 2003 5:39 PM
I have discovered that I tend to twist my left foot while pedaling, sticking my heel out. This caused great problems when I switched to Speedplay Frogs, I kept unclipping! I'm back to spd pedals now, so I stay attached, but....the twisting is torquing (sp?) my knee. Before I run off to the ortho - is this something you all think might improve as I get stronger? I'm also taking spin classes, I use cages and toe clips there, and notice my foot can't move as much. I was thinking this might help get the muscles conditioned so I stop twisting.

Oh yeah, I also have Chrondomalacia (another sp?) - or as my friends say "cute little knock knees...."
Same sort of problemMR_GRUMPY
Apr 28, 2003 5:52 PM
I've got sloppy ankles also. In order to control them, when I switched over to clipless, I went with Look pedals with black cleats so that I had no rotation. I tried cleats with float, but it felt like I was standing on ice with bike shoes on.