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2 Rings vs. 3(9 posts)

2 Rings vs. 3RLinNH
Apr 27, 2003 3:12 PM
Just wanted to get a general consensus as to weather you run 2 rings up front or 3? My road bike(my first one, a Fuji Team) came with 2. Keeping in mind that I am coming from a MTB background, I was used to having 3. I have ridden the bike now for a little under 200 miles, and really think that I don't need the 3rd ring on the road. I ride in New Hampshire, and hills are the game. When I find that I am running out of gas on a steep climb, I stand up and mash the pedals(I refuse to walk my bike in public ;-) ). How many rings are you running, and what do you think the advantages are of your setup?
I run 3Lone Gunman
Apr 27, 2003 3:37 PM
But then I ride with alot of guys that have 10 years on me. It saves on the wear and tear of knees, especially early in the season. When I bought my current ride, it was with the intention that I could ride it any place in the country and not get "stuck" not being able climb a hill in somewhat comfort because I didn't have the gearing to do so. I have some decent hills in my neck of the woods, and if on a recovery ride or an easy day, it is prudent to downshift and try and hold HR at the planned intensity rather than ramp it up and pound. Opinions abound on this subject, but for the few grams that a triple adds to a bike, for me it only made sense to have it available to use rather than change a route or mentally avoid a route because it was too strenuous.
re: 2 Rings vs. 3speedbag
Apr 27, 2003 4:19 PM
I run 2 as well. I live in the Calgary (foothills) area near Kananaskas (the Rocky Mountains) where there is a ton of climbing available. Climbs ranging anywhere from 500m to 10km. I've never needed a triple or even thought about it. Depends how you want to ride and what your goals are I guess. Have fun!
re: 2 Rings vs. 3Nug
Apr 27, 2003 4:20 PM
I ride in coastal Maine, lots of short steep hills here. In making that decision, I rode a bike with a triple (28,38,48) most of last summer purposely never going to the granny. When I saw that I could, the decision was easy- I went with the double. If I had one bike, I'd go triple for the versatility (touring,etc.) I did switch out the stock 12-25 cassette for a 12-27 (which I also try to stay out of-nice to keep a reserve).
Only you can answer.Kerry
Apr 27, 2003 5:46 PM
If you have trouble getting up the hills where you ride and already have a large rear cog (25 or 27, assuming Shimano), then you might justify the cost of going to a triple (new cranks and new BB are the minimum). You're the only one who can tell whether you need it, or at least whether it would be worth it to you to be able to sit and spin and have closer gear spacing.
I have one of each.dzrider
Apr 28, 2003 4:14 AM
I get up the same Connecticut hills with a 42x25 as I do with the 30x23. I can climb all but the worst of them on my fixie for that matter. The big difference to me is that the triple gives me many more gears in the range I normally ride. Having all the cogs from 13 to 17 makes riding small rollers and flat land way more fun. I'll second the previous post that if you have only one bike get the triple.
Double herekjr39
Apr 28, 2003 5:20 AM
I ride a doulbe. But, the area that I live in doesn't have that many hills, so it was not that big of a deal for me. Were I to ride in an area that had mountains, I would have a triple.
My 2 (lack of )centsCharlie Amerique
Apr 28, 2003 6:40 AM
Well, I ride 2 rings on my hardtail mountain bike and 3 on my FS MTB rig (weight being the driving issue). I spent most of my riding time in the Sierra foothills and the Rocky mountains and had little trouble.
My road bike is coming in tomorrow with a 53/39 double on it and a 11-23 and should do me well enough. I too stand to climb when the climbing gets tough.. but in some cases geting off to walk is the only alternative.

For me, it's a matter of my knees and spin rate and I have found that neither of them are really effected by my choices (so far). I will lay in a supply of other freewheels just in case.
2 for me....asphalt assault
Apr 28, 2003 6:55 AM
I live in northern Illinois and its flat as a pancake here. The climbs that we do have I have no problem in my smaller ring...when all else fails, get out da saddle and MASH!

I run three on my MTB but I rarely use the large, I'm thinking of dumping it and getting a bash ring.