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Newbie frame sizing question? Need help!(2 posts)

Newbie frame sizing question? Need help!Trevo
Apr 26, 2003 10:17 PM
I can get a GT ZR5(something like that) for really cheap from the SportingGoods store I work at, casue theres a small dent in the top-tube. Apparently someone droped something on it when it was on the sales floor, and its been parted out and most of it has already been sold. Our Mechainc was gonna cut it in half so it would fit in the compactor, I wouldent have that, so I offered to buy it for a rediclously low price. Anyway there working out purchasing suff. I guess since it wasent reported when it was damaged the need to figur out how to clean it up on paper, so corprit bosses dont freak out.
Anway Its a 58cm frame, Iam wondering will this actually fit me? I ride a 59 or 60cm Trek singlespeed for commuting, and the standover(in relation to my member;]) is somewhat tall.
On a road bike,correct me if Iam wrong, your leg needs to be completly strait at the bottom of the crank rotation.
The Gt would be my first aluminum road bike and iam thinking for dirtcheap it would be a good place to start?
Should I be concerned about the dent in the TT?
Ill prolly give them an offer on the fork,brakes,derrailurs and drivetrain. I need all that stuff anyway, might as well get some stuff I need with my discount.

Any advice/opinions appreciated.
Trevor Martin
read first...C-40
Apr 27, 2003 6:20 AM has all the basic info on proper road bike sizing and taking body measurements. If you read all of their info, most of your questions will be answered.

Since you have the frame available to measure, it's not difficult to calculate the standover.