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GF buyingbike:Specialized Allez Vita or Dolce(womens models)(4 posts)

GF buyingbike:Specialized Allez Vita or Dolce(womens models)jtferraro
Apr 26, 2003 2:15 PM
My girlfriend is anxious to buy her first road bike and is considering either the Specialized Allez Vita or Dolce models, which are both women's specific. Initially, we were attracted to the Vita b/c it offers a nice Columbus aluminum frame w/Ultegra levers and rear deraileur at a decent cost of $1050. She tested both bikes out yesterday and liked them both. The Vita is more w/i her price range but we're also really attracted to the model up, the Dolce, which costs $1650 but comes w/full Ultegra and nice Shimano wheels. Both bikes have most of the same components, w/the Dolce having these advantages:

1.) Shimano Ultegra brakes (Vita has no namers)
2.) Shimano Ultegra front deraileur (Vita has Tiagra)
3.) Shimano Ultegra cassette (Vita has Tiagra)
4.) Shimano Ultegra crankset (Vita has Specialized Comp)
- 52Ax42Ax30A chainwheels (Vita has 52Ax42Ax50S)
5.) Shimano Ultegra, splined BB (Vita has Shimano BB-UN-25, square taper)
6.) Shimano WH-R540 wheelset (Vita has Alex AT-400)
- 16 hole, sealed bearing hubs w/bladed spokes (Vita has Specialized 28/front & 32/rear forged alloy, double sealed hubs w/DT Swiss 2.0mm, 14g spokes

Are all these advantages worth the extra dough? The Dolce is priced at 1.5x the Vita! I wish Specialized had a women's specific bike w/full 105. I know brake/shift levers are important and am glad the Vita has the Ultegra. Is the crankset/BB next most important or the rear deraileur? I believe it is the former, right? I don't mind this bike having no name calipers since, from what I understand, they don't make that much of a difference. How about the wheels - anyone ever heard of Alex wheels?

Her plan for this bike: weeknight & weekend rides w/me, although I'm sure I'll be "going it alone, too", organized rides (i.e. centuries, etc.), and hopefully some group/shop rides soon (if we can hang).

Thoughts, opinions, experience, etc. all appreciated!

re: GF buyingbike:Specialized Allez Vita or Dolce(womens models)Akirasho
Apr 26, 2003 3:39 PM
... the frames seem comparable (can anyone confirm this?)... and piecewise "upgrades" in the future would probably cost more than the $600 diff... plus you might be able to negotiate a lower cost on the Ultegra bike... I'd try to save a bit more and go with the Ultegra (look at it as hopefully, a long term investment)

Be the bike.
Yup, same frameset. I hear you re: going for the full Ultegra bike...jtferraro
Apr 26, 2003 3:53 PM
not to mention she likes the colors/looks of it more, too. Hmm...


I have been selling these both ....teoteoteo
Apr 26, 2003 9:41 PM
left and right. Great bikes--so many women's models lack substance but these bikes have done really well by our shop. I hate to say overspend because I am one poor shop monkey, but you love to ride and she wants to be a part of it with you. Your Trek is such a nice rig that I would say that it would be hard to put her on a model too far down the food chain and expect that she be cheery to do lots of miles with you. Maybe I am missing the point...anyway I'd lean towards the nicer just based on your level of passion for the sport. You'll both win later down the road....