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Apr 26, 2003 11:19 AM
We put to gether a great reference web site for time trial racing-

The site has training, aerodynamic data, a discussion board, bike gallery, race calendar/results, new racer tips, course profiles and news.

Non-profit, the goal is to promote the sport of time trial by providing a good "all in one" reference and web site.

Your input is needed, any advice you have for other TT racers or new TT racers (message board) is appreciated.

Thanks, Gary
Apr 26, 2003 12:27 PM
... especially this idea of subscription equipment reviews.

Most of us recognize that print media reviews (and their web counterparts) of equipment are relatively few and far between, especially with the fast paced and dynamics of current road tech... (VeloNews just published a neat discussion on aero forks)... but will we be willing to pay for it? Unless such a service can really crank out the reviews... perhaps not.

Most of the links on the sight are already in my favorites folders... still, I've bookmarked this one... and will check back later.

Be the bike.
re: www.timetrial.orgCARBON110
Apr 26, 2003 5:18 PM
great idea.....I live in Asheville NC, big TTers here