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Friday poll: Name RBR members you've ridden with(25 posts)

Friday poll: Name RBR members you've ridden withPaulCL
Apr 25, 2003 7:26 AM
This is inspired by Friday AM boredom at work and the post by mickey-mac below.

The only poster I've ridden with is "TC" who I haven't seen in a while on this board. I ran into him over on Bicycling a couple of weeks ago. "TC" if you're out there, I'm riding about 70 early Sunday morning out to Rabbit Hash. Drop me a line. Paul
Greg Taylor, Vitusdude, who has changed his name to, I don'tbill
Apr 25, 2003 7:53 AM
know, something else, djg (many more drinks than miles with Dan, I'm afraid), and I'm pretty sure that I've been in some races and semi-club-sponsored rides with some others.
I've missed MB1, and Hummah, much to my regret. We'll hook up, though, right fellas?
Okay, back at'cha!Gregory Taylor
Apr 25, 2003 8:37 AM
I've done some miles with --

MB1 (and Miss M!)
John, whose screen name I have misplaced

I've had a bike built by CurlyBike -- ace mechanic
Where you at, Bill?Humma Hah
Apr 25, 2003 9:09 AM
I'm guessing MB1 will do one or two No Shifting Allowed Or Coasting Either centuries this year, usually starting in Nokesville, VA. I have the route sheet and could set one up.

I'll be putting on some neighborhood rides for beginning cyclists this year, something I call a deci-brevet series. Basically 1/10 the distances of a brevet series, starting with a 20km ride thru the Manassas VA neighborhoods. The first will probably be mid-to-late May.

I'd like to set up a team for the Tour de Canal, an Altzheimer's Association fundraiser covering the entire 184 mile length of the C&O Towpath over 2 days. They have not posted all the info yet. Should be rideable by a cyclocrosser, meant for MTB's, and the cruiser will LOVE it.
I'm in Arlington. I had one of those MB1 extravaganzas onbill
Apr 25, 2003 5:19 PM
my calendar, but at the last minute I couldn't do it. And then there was the D.C. ride weekend thing, and I was out of town for that, too.
I'm a gonna do one of those NSAOCE things one day. I would be honored by your company, kind sir.
Might be right about the drinks, Bill.djg
Apr 25, 2003 1:02 PM
But we have ridden more than a couple hundred miles together over the years.

We should get the families together again. Have a couple of drinks.
re: Friday poll: Name RBR members you've ridden withJS Haiku Shop
Apr 25, 2003 8:02 AM
Mike Prince (note: not same as MikeP!)
Tarwheel/Bianchi Boy
KG 361 (was Look271)
Special Tater

Mike Prince and i rode the regular Elvisville Sunday suburb ride a couple months ago. He was visiting town. Fun ride!

I met MikeP at the start of the 6-Gap last year, and then he was off--a climber, for sure.

Tarwheel/Bianchi Boy and MikeP and I met-up for a little climbing in North Georgia last November. Here's a pic Mike took from the highest point of our ride (and also the highpoint of GA):

(scroll down...more)

Look271/KG 361 and I have both ridden the Chattanooga 3 State / 3 Mountain century, and met each other in passing on that ride.

12x23 and I have shared a double metric and a double dose of pitchers in two states. We attend many of the same rides. Last year we tried not to get thrown out of a bar and not to get arrested in Georgia whilst staying out carbo-loading until >1 AM the morning of the 6 Gap.

Wonderdog and I have shared many rides, including a few centuries, and traveled to and attended a double century last year in late summer. He'll be leaving town (moving) this summer, and I'm certain to be without company for dark AM pre-group ride rides, fixed gear madness, and epic sufferfests. Here's a pic of the two of us on a club ride just before Christmas (J left, W right):

(scroll down...more)

I didn't know WonderdogSpecialTater
Apr 25, 2003 8:55 AM
was moving. Saw him this morning commuting in on the fixie...
Apr 25, 2003 8:15 AM
My husband and I met up with Quadzilla/John and his cyclign buddy Ron at the Spring Lehigh Valley Velodrome swap meet. It was a sunny, windy day and John led us on a great loop through Berks County. A few hills, but the wind is what really got me. Despite my aching quads (now I know where "Quadzilla" comes from- this guy can hammer!), I had an awesome time and would repeat the experience in a heartbeat. Thanks again, John, for leading a great ride!
re: Friday poll: Name RBR members you've ridden withMR_GRUMPY
Apr 25, 2003 8:39 AM
That's funny that you should mention that. Just last week, as I was getting my bike together for the usual Tuesday - Thursday fun fest, one of the riders who shows up often, rides up to me and asks " Hey, are you MR_GRUMPY." He said that he doesn't post very often, but he reads when he gets a chance. It seems that he read one of my posts about suffering in a cold windy time trial and then having to work a corner. He rememberd seeing me out on that cold corner, and put 2 and 2 together.
I've probably already seen a few RBR members while out on rides in the Barrington Hills area on the weekends and in the Bartlett / Wayne area on Tues/Thurs rides.
With a sign-on name like yours, I am surprisedFez
Apr 25, 2003 10:03 AM
the fellow had the courage to approach you and ask.

Which begs the question, are you grumpy while you're out riding?
Doug, MB1, Miss M, DASS ...Humma Hah
Apr 25, 2003 9:02 AM
I rode about 5 minutes with Doug Sloan at the 2001 Solvang Century.

I've ridden with MB1 and Miss M on two of their NSAOCE centuries (tho' I couldn't keep up), and on a 152-mile epic they set up for my personal benefit (I basically just sucked wheel the whole time).

DASS, if it is the same person, is a MTBR singlespeed forum participant I sometimes see here. Also ran into him at the Solvang Century.
Rode briefly with MrCelloBoy at the Terrible Two. (nm)Lon Norder
Apr 25, 2003 9:18 AM
OwenMeany and JohnGmickey-mac
Apr 25, 2003 10:05 AM
BTW, where'd you go John?
It's early Sat AM....OwenMeany
Apr 26, 2003 5:25 AM
and I getting ready for a Stunt/Topanga Loop.....You?
It's early Sat AM....mickey-mac
Apr 27, 2003 10:28 AM
I went up to Thousand Oaks via Agoura on Saturday. It was a great day for a ride. How was Stunt? I did a short ride up to Sesnon in Porter Ranch this morning. We're off to the street fair with the kids now.
4Bykn, GregR, Flybywire & RRP. nmKristin
Apr 25, 2003 10:25 AM
re: Friday poll: Name RBR members you've ridden withJohnniO
Apr 25, 2003 10:40 AM
I've probably ridden with quit a few as well as many MTBR folks. Off the top of my head I've ridden with Kristin and
suffer on Tuesdays and Thursdays with MR_Grumpy.
You have to give me a hintKristin
Apr 25, 2003 10:58 AM
Tho I think I know who this is. Did I hear rumor that you have a VERY big event on the horizon?
Apr 25, 2003 11:04 AM
Remember Greg, Jim, Delia and yours truely when you used to ride with a few mountain bikers on the creek ride? I think you Know who I am by the big event reference. You either talked to Greg or Lynn.

Yep. Yours was one of the first wheels I suckedKristin
Apr 25, 2003 11:09 AM
Though I could never get a draft off of you. Greg told me 2 weeks ago. I believe we used your headset wrench. Congrats on your big news!!! Holy friggin cow...your butts gonna HURT! (Will you be on the bike the whole time? Or do you take shifts?)
A portion of the Minnesota contingent got together last fall.Scot_Gore
Apr 25, 2003 10:51 AM
and a non poster friend of Shad.

I'm riding the 68 mile route of the IronMan out of Lakeville MN on Sunday. Any posters flag me down and say Hi. I'll be in my "signature" line Blue jersey, "Gore Bike Wear" and riding a White Specialzed Allez. I'm the fat guy.

Scot Gore
Apr 26, 2003 4:33 AM
We need a repeat this year-

Too bad the 100 mile route is apparently completely different- but then again, I might skip it if the weather is foul. I have no desire to ride a century in 42 degree rain... and it is too early in the year to do it for the sake of "bragging rights."

I've also encounted aliensporebomb, but haven't seen him post since last year... or seen him on the road. Last year I couldn't ride anywhere without seeing gs6769, but I've only seen him once this year... so far.
Dave Hickey (TX), Wonderdog (Eric, TN), dozens of MTBR folkjs5280
Apr 27, 2003 10:05 AM
I've met LFR and BipedJed but didn't ride with them. Exchanged a number emails with Len_J and Moneyman. Should be meeting Moneyman here soon for a LAF event, booth at the Oncology Nursing Conference in Denver.

The MTBR folk are much more socialable although I think MTB lends more to group type rides and gatherings. Also, you're more likely to want to travel to primo MTB trails and ride with the locals. I'm writing from Fruita, CO and there were about a dozen of MTBR riders from CO, NM, CA, AZ, MN over the past 4 days. Be fun to hit some RBR gatherings. Ride for the Roses may be a good selection since many of us plan to travel there anyways, even if it is just for a beer/Marg. Without fail, I always enjoy meeting other posters, good people and it's fun to put faces with names. There are many whom I've never met, but consider them as good friends.
parider.KG 361
Apr 27, 2003 6:11 PM
I rode with him a couple of years ago before I knew that he posted here. I'll more than likely ride with him again at some time in the future-we both know "Rabbit" and ride with him, so chances are.....