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Special Tater is coming right along with his training!(3 posts)

Special Tater is coming right along with his training!JS Haiku Shop
Apr 25, 2003 6:31 AM
keep it up, ST!

last night he joined a few of us between cloudbursts for a 21-mile abbreviation of our usual thursday night carnage-fest. as many of us have "big rides" planned this weekend, it was agreed beforehand and announced at the start that we'd ride a low-"B" pace, or 15-16 mph. i think this must be secret code for "24 mph and strung out in the gutter", as testosterone once again won out, especially uphill.

despite the announced pace and a 15+ mph head/cross-wind, we ended with an 18.5 average over 21 lumpy miles, with quite a bit of circling at the turnaround point (meaning the actual ride was probably closer to just a tad over 19 mph). it's a modest average for these guys on a thursday, but certainly not a "recovery" ride by any means.

the Tater was right in the thick of things, and reveled in his lactic buzz post-ride. not too shabby for such a short time on the road! methinks Tater is hooked.

though this may make the majority of you envious beyond words, i shall enclose it without regard: ST had occasion to lift the babypoop-green Cross-Check off the ground last night. as the Surly briefly broke the bonds of gravity, i think ST feared back injury. ST, how many times do i have to tell you, lift with your legs, not with your back!!!

ST, good luck and pleasant roads to you on tomorrow's metric! remember: pedal, eat, pedal, drink, pedal, repeat.


Apr 25, 2003 6:57 AM
I'm in too much pain to try be funny. I feel worse than I did after a 20 mile mtb ride in Georgia with a couple of crashes thrown in... The 4 hours of sleep (not ride related) doesn't help.

I was scared considering the conversation before take off is about either J riding 400 km on Sat, 3 others riding either Cat 4 or Cat 5 in a crit on Sat and another riding a century Sat. Yeah, we're going slow. I'm riding the same C, but doing the metric option.

J pulled me up 3 hills (or one long one with a couple of "flatter" spots) on this cow he rides. (Thanks again, J). Seriously, I think my shetland ponies I had growing up were lighter.

I'm really concerned about this sport I've gotten into.

They did a good job of not laughing when I asked why my thighs and lower back were in such pain on the last hill (the rest of the way back). I'm going to die (DIE) Saturday.
piece of cakeJS Haiku Shop
Apr 25, 2003 7:10 AM
this metric you're riding will be cake if you ride at your own pace and fuel properly. last night the pace was set by the group; that's the difference. thursdays get frisky 'cause everybody wants to drop the cat 3 guy on hills--thus the pace going into each hill is high and somebody usually ups it again just over the top. the key to longer rides (at your own pace) is to stay steady--keep the effort level on hills, flats, and sit with a like-minded group if you have the opportunity. you've more than got the legs for this ride tomorrow. don't sweat it.

just remember that thursdays are always "spirited" group rides, whereas "event" rides such as your metric are intended to be fun, not hallucination-inducing (IMHO). we're expecting rain on thursdays for the next 2 weeks, but when it clears and the weather's nice, you'll see a group of 15-30+ riding thursdays, at many different average speeds (15-22+ mph) over ~30 lumpy miles.

i'll credit the ability to ride that green pig in the North Georgia mountains to thursday night group rides and long saturday death marches in 90% humidity--they'll make you stronger, quickly!