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Who makes nice 40cm frames ?(9 posts)

Who makes nice 40cm frames ?PeterRider
Apr 24, 2003 10:39 PM
A woman friend of mine is looking for a bike, she's 5' with short legs and says she needs a 40cm (she went today to Helen's cycles and tried one).

Initially she was looking for a Trek 5200 but they don't make small enough frames. Who else makes small frames in the same range of prices ? Now she's looking at a Cannondale R2000Si. I think she's up for spending between 2K and 3K. With that money, it seems to me that you can get a very nice machine...

Thanks !

re: Terry ?cyclopathic
Apr 25, 2003 3:29 AM
makes some models (ISIS, Madeleine, etc) with 24" wheels in 16" size. My guess your 5' friend must have really long torso so TT on those should be short. I'd suggest to check compact frames, if someone makes small enough that would be a better fit.


PS this is a link to Terry
Wylder is going under & selling Ti frames for < 1/2. (nm)TFerguson
Apr 25, 2003 4:17 AM
You may want to try custom...msmootsiemartin
Apr 25, 2003 5:43 AM
Custom frames are not as expensive as one might think. I am currently having Don Ferris at Anvil Bikes build me a "40 something" cross bike because I couldn't find a stock frame to fit me properly. I am sure you can get a sweet steel frame/fork with Dura-ace level components for your 2-3K price range.
re: Who makes nice 40cm frames ?StewartK
Apr 25, 2003 6:15 AM
Haven't used them, but specializes in bikes for shorter people.
Leonard Zinnpmf1
Apr 25, 2003 7:16 AM
He specializes in bikes for very tall and very short people. I've heard they are very nice. For someone like your friend, custom makes sense. A Cannondale is not manufactured to fit her. Off the shelf bikes, unless specifically targeted to women/short people (like Terry) are sized for men. You could probably do a Zinn bike for 3k. It fit so much better than a Cannondale. And they're very unique. Check them out:
Viner makes nice small frametandemania
Apr 25, 2003 7:21 AM
I am slightly above 5ft and didnt want to settle for 650c wheels. I went for Viner with 700c wheels. Their smallest frame is 41.5cm with a top tube of 50cm c-c.
dude, before anythingdante
Apr 25, 2003 8:58 AM
get a fit kit done. That way you'll have exact measurements. 40 sounds *real* short, my GF is 5'1" and she fits a 47cm Jamis (45cm CtC) perfectly.

Other than Cannondale, custom might be the only way to go.

dude, before anythinglittleMoots
Apr 26, 2003 5:46 AM
I'm 5'1" and I had to go custom. My bike is 43 cm (CTT). Body proportions are all over the board when you are this short. She definitely needs to be fitted!

My bike was semi-custom so it was only slightly more than a "stock" Moots frame.

She will be amazed at how much her riding improves after she gets a bike that fits. Go for it.