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handlebar reach on kestral sl and modolo curvisimo(2 posts)

handlebar reach on kestral sl and modolo curvisimozippi
Apr 24, 2003 8:33 PM
does anyone know which bar has the shortest reach? i'm currently using a ritchey wcs classic and 100mm wcs stem. so i'm looking for a carbon bar with similar reach. also what's a nice stem for those bars.
reach dimensions are not reliable...C-40
Apr 25, 2003 5:14 AM
There are significant differences in the shape of the many bars on the market. A typical reach dimension only measures from the center of the bars to the front of the drop section. While this dimension has some value, the majority of time is spent riding on the brake hoods. The brake hood position that will place the top of the hood (where the palm rests) horizontal or angled up a few degrees can vary considerably. This can change the reach to the brake hoods by 1cm or more. In addition, some bars drop the height of the brake lever below the top of the bars (ITM,TTT) while others keep the levers up higher (Deda, Easton). Bars like the ITM anatomic usually need to be rotated up a few degrees, while others like Deda and Easton work best with the ends of the bar horizontal.

It's tough to know which bars will have a similar reach to the brake hoods without trying them.