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Help with numb feet.(5 posts)

Help with numb feet.Mazinger
Apr 24, 2003 6:33 PM
I have a friend who just started riding.
His feet get numb, near the toes. He uses spd pedals and says the shoes fit fine.

Any ideas on where we should start looking?

Cleat alignment? Seat height or angle?
re: Help with numb feet.HammerDpedals
Apr 25, 2003 6:45 AM
definitely look at cleat alignment first. If the cleat is too near the toes, then that could be causing the problem

a few more ideascyclopathic
Apr 25, 2003 1:55 PM
shoe is too small or too tight - feet have tendency to swell and it causes hot spots.
Solution: loose/re-adjust straps after warm up. New shoes.

cleat aligned with nerve.
Solution: soft (pref gel) shoe inserts. Sold in pharmacies CVS, etc.

socks. socks with rough texture.
Solution: diff socks

Usually the combination of 3 above is sufficient to cure even worse cases. My worse crashed feet case had to be traced to BMB, I could not feel feet for several weeks. I don't think anything would help me back then.
re: Help with numb feet.mapei boy
Apr 25, 2003 4:15 PM
Whenever you get the chance, lift your feet while pedaling instead of pushing down all the time. Suddenly, the bottom of your foot is able to get some fresh blood. The air that rushes between your foot and the sole of the shoe feels great, too.

If it doesn't end up hurting your knees (which is far worse than getting numb feet), lowering your seat slightly can help, also.

Try riding without socks.
Here's my method for foot comfort:coonass
Apr 26, 2003 2:29 PM
1) I keep the fore-front strap (on my SIDI's) very loose....and I also adjust the top-strap to a comfortable snug position (so that I won't pull out)...when I approach a hill, I just reach down and tighten the top-strap.
2) I changed to Smartwool socks a few years ago; I use the 3 grades; Summer, medium and XC ....I find that all three offer more cushioning on the sole than any of the other PI sox that I used to wear(especially RBX)...and this has totally eliminated 'hot spots' on my feet. (FWIW: The Smartwool Summer sox are actually COOOOOOOLER than any Coolmax sox that I have worn; and are dry after rides in the 90°'s...humidity here is generally above 85%).