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Stem & Handlebar Questions.(3 posts)

Stem & Handlebar Questions.SilentBob
Apr 24, 2003 10:36 AM
Hey All,

I'm getting a set of handlebars that are "ergonoically corret", a.k.a. a lot more comfortable. Both are aluminum and available in the same sizes. I'm assuming strength is not going to be an issue since I'm relatively light (160) and it's not like I'm mountainbiking so...

The bars are:

(1) Profile Design Hammer TB

(2) Ritchey Pro

(3) Ritchey OS

The Profile Design is on sale, $26 off, and now the cheapest of the 3, but I've had the Ritchey Pro in my hand so I already know I like that bar. Also what's the difference between the Ritchey Pro and OS???

I'm leaning toward the Ritchey Pro just b/c (like I said) I've had my hands on them before (at my LBS). Therefore, I already have an idea of how they are. I'm just curious on everyone's opinions of the Profile Design and if anyone feels anyone of these bars are more comfortable than the others.

1 more thing... I have a Giant TCR-One. Large Frame. I'm 5'11", 34/35 arm length. I'm riding a 110 stem right now that still feels a little long so I'm thinking of picking up a 100. How is that going to affect my ability to control the bike??? Is a 90 going to be worth it or too short (hence I probably should have gotten a Medium Frame)?

Thanks in advance.
Some infoNessism
Apr 24, 2003 11:22 AM
All three of the bars you mention are similar in quality, weight, and reach/drop dimensions. OS stands for Over Size, so if you go that way, you will have to get a new stem. OS bars are said to be stiffer which may or may not be important to you. One thing I like about Ritchey bars is that they are designed for Shimano STI and don't have the second cable groove in the backside of the bars for Campy Ergo. This makes the bars slightly stiffer and stronger according to Ritchey. Personally, I don't like having the extra groove so I would go for the Ritcheys.

Regarding the stem size, you might want to try the bars first since the bars you mentioned have a medium short reach. If your current bars have a longer reach, the short bars may be enough.

Good luck.

Other differencesKEN2
Apr 24, 2003 12:02 PM
The Profile is silver, the Ritchey is black. Choice depends on taste, plus most try to match stem with bars.

Also, you need to decide what width bars, since there is a choice. You could go with the same as you have, if that seems comfortable.