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Heart Rate Monitors(2 posts)

Heart Rate Monitorsaljue
Apr 23, 2003 9:33 AM
I was deeply interested in the Polar S-510. But to my dismay, I've read so many bad reviews posted on about it and higher reviews for the S-710. According to my budget, the latter model is too expensive. Perhaps people are compelled to write good reviews for regrettably buying a mediocre model at a high price?? I feel that the S-510 has all the features that I need and none of the frills like the infared thingy for the S-710. Anything comparable/better than the S-510?
re: Heart Rate Monitorsnucleon_d
Apr 23, 2003 10:38 AM
I purchased a Polar-S510 around Christmas time. I have been using it since then and have logged about 1500 miles on it thus far. I went to and read most of the reviews. I have had loss of signal from the HR only when crossing the bridge over the train station that services the Northeast corridor Amtrak station and the local Light Rail service. I was not surprised given the power loads. Otherwise, no loss of signal anywhere. I did buy the clear gel lubricant that they use for EKG's which facilites the contact - but i have found that a good lick and some sweat are all you need too. The speed sensor works well - but I don't use the cadence feature.
The S510 is packed with info and 4 months later I am still figuring out all the features - and I state this in a positive way. I have not gotten to the point of using the PC software yet because I log my info on a separate program at the moment. I am pretty disciplined about recording the info after a ride so the fact that it doesn't hold all the data for all (6) files was not an issue to me.
I've been pleased with the S510 thus far.