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MB1 - About that 240 fleche(4 posts)

MB1 - About that 240 flecheFez
Apr 23, 2003 8:44 AM
Can you tell us some of the details? Like what route they rode for 240 miles. Not familiar with the rules, so why did they have to pass time for a little while in the wee hours of the morning?

How did Miss M and her bike get to Lexington? Did they all drive out and have a support car follow them back?
re: flechecyclopathic
Apr 24, 2003 3:37 AM
here're the rules

I doubt team capt would be interested in sharing route. No, you can't sleep much rules explicitly say you cannot stop for more then 2hrs and you have to ride in last 2hrs. With respect to getting to Lexington is popular start point for fleche teams, served by Amtrak.
Apr 24, 2003 8:00 AM
As I understand it (I could be very wrong) a fleche ("Arrow") is supposed to be pretty much a straight line or direct 24 hour point to point ride for a team that ends on Easter morning. In order to reach some level of Randonneuring awards you have to complete a brevet series, a long event like PBP and a fleche.

The fleche can actually be one of the hardest events to complete since it is only run on the Saturday before Easter. That is fairly early in the season and weather can be pretty bad and your training may not be all that you would like it to be.

The usual Randonneur minimum speed requirement is just under 9mph so the minimum distance is around 220 miles. Since the distance measured is the most direct route between the control points the riders often go much farther than the minimum-Miss M did 246 miles. The rules also have maximum times allowed for rest stops, and a distance requirement for the last 2 hours.

Too many rules for me but Miss M enjoyed the experience and would do it again.

The route Miss M rode was pretty much lots of VA11 to Berryville, then VA7 to Purcellville and the W&OD to the Key Bridge. Nothing you would want to do on a casual ride.

I don't know all that much (or care for) the rules but you can find them at the RUSA (Randonneurs USA) web site. We have done lots of brevets but only because thay are long rides, not because we want to do PBP or Boston-Montreal so we pretty much pay very little attention to the qualifying requirements.

The ladies had a great helper who went down in our Mini-van with the bikes and drove it home after being there for them at the first couple of controls. It was really good of her to do it since one of the riders got sick and couldn't finish the ride. As I understand it fleche teams can only accept outside support at their controls and not out on the course-I was pretty careful not to get in their way after I met them. Miss M's team was made up of very good riders and they didn't need help anyway.
re: PBPcyclopathic
Apr 24, 2003 9:24 AM
don't you ever get an urge to ride the oldest bicycle race event still alive? it is 12 years older then tour.