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SpeedCific - Mike Garcia Wheels?(2 posts)

SpeedCific - Mike Garcia Wheels?litesp
Apr 23, 2003 7:43 AM
I'm looking at getting some new wheels. Can anyone please provide personal experiences dealing with Mike Garcia and his wheels. This would be my choice for the rear -
(32H ASYM, alloy nipples, 14/15 drive, 14/17 nondrive). At 175lb max., I avoid potholes when I see them but do like to torque in big gears. The front wheel would be
(28H, XL14/17).

Any thoughts on the AC hubs, IRD rims, WS spokes?

A gemEl Kabong
Apr 23, 2003 1:09 PM
Mike is very helpful and easy to deal with, and his prices are top notch. I build my own wheels (I get components and advice from Mike) so I can't speak to his builds from my own experience, but from corresponding with him, I can tell he knows his stuff. I built up a set of wheels very similar to the ones you're looking at over the winter -- I had DuraAce hubs, and went with the Cadence ASYM in the rear, 14/15 3x on the drive side and 14/17 2x non-drive. At Mike's recommendation I did go with brass nips on the drive side and alloy on the non-drive, for a little more durability. In the front, I went with AE15s (a semi-bladed spoke that fits without slotting the hubs) radial laced with alloy nips. They built up very nicely, but I don't have much riding time on them yet.

Bottom line is that I don't think you can go wrong with Mike. There was some grousing on this board a while back because he was undercutting the prices from all the shops, because he works out of his own home. Not a disadvantage to the consumer, of course...

El K.