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Flèche Wallonne done (not a spoiler)(10 posts)

Flèche Wallonne done (not a spoiler)JS Haiku Shop
Apr 23, 2003 6:16 AM
favorite quote from coverage:

15:58 CET, 1km to go
"The two leaders are on the wall, but not yet to the hardest sections. They're riding next to each other, waiting for the moment of truth."

results & coverage
Good suprises (not a spoiler...YET).Spunout
Apr 23, 2003 7:32 AM
Amazing, another race won by a break. All the others stand around looking at each other, not wanting to pull a competitor up to the break.

That is the funniest thing about Pro races! I've watched a few where this has happened, mostly the spring classics.
Saeco's been brilliantWill Ross
Apr 23, 2003 8:42 AM
... all spring, they just haven't been able to finish it off -- until today. They've always got at least one guy, usually two or three, in every break. Then, the rest of the team can just sit in and wait to see how the race develops. And their guys up the road aren't just there to hang out; they're guys who can win if the break stays away. Today, Astarloa finally finished one off -- amazing that he's still underrated despite last year's World Cup season. Pressure's off the team a bit now, which makes Di Luca and even more likely winner Sunday.
Apr 23, 2003 8:48 AM
Huh? nmSpunout
Apr 23, 2003 9:13 AM
explanationJS Haiku Shop
Apr 23, 2003 9:17 AM
there was a spolier response posted to the original thread. it was below yours. i read it and posted "warning: spoiler". the thread was removed by site admin or moderator, but my warning was left, and fell in under your response.
My badWill Ross
Apr 23, 2003 9:47 AM
Sorry -- I get it now. Won't happen again.
Is this THE Willy Ross from Austin?teoteoteo
Apr 23, 2003 5:50 PM
In my best Hill voice I am asking this question.....
Is this THE Willy Ross from Austin?Will Ross
Apr 24, 2003 4:54 AM
Sorry ... "Will Ross" is the lead character in a series of cycling mystery novels. Is this THE Miles Davis who wants to know?
Oh. Okay. Still no spoiler! Good finish! Buy the video! ;)nmSpunout
Apr 23, 2003 9:48 AM