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What happened to Bobby Julich?(5 posts)

What happened to Bobby Julich?hayaku
Apr 23, 2003 5:17 AM
I'm no cycling historian but I've been watching some videos of the 97 and 98 Tours de France and he rode pretty well. Why is he not a contender now?

Also on this board I've seen him seemingly get dissrespected a bit... Did he do something really dumb or what?

What's the story?
re: I think you answered your questionJL
Apr 23, 2003 5:41 AM
A lot of people ask the question your asking about Julich. He never seemed to do any better after his podium finish in the TDF. Showed a lot of potential, but never made it "big". People say the same thing now about George Hincapie and the Spring Classics. Tons of potential, but never seems to pull it off. I don't think he did anything "dumb". Some people think he should have done more with his career and then feel they need to disrespect him because he didn't. He's still in the peloton, so IMO he must still be doing something right.

re: He's in a big break in Fleche Wallonne as we typeteoteoteo
Apr 23, 2003 5:46 AM
As of a few minutes ago he was in a nice breakaway group in Fleche Wallone. He rides for Telekom and is more of a team rider/domestique at this point.

While Bobby has been a strong G.C. rider in the past, things just started to fall apart for him in those type of races. Hard to say things were a fluke but many people accuse him of being mentally a little soft and lacking a killer instinct.

In the 98 TdF he rode well but always seemed scared to attack for fear of losing. Sure you have to be safe and not lose 3rd place BUT you have to take a chance to win as well--tough call. Some people call that smart racing while other feel like he settled for 3rd....
mental toughness.rufus
Apr 23, 2003 10:48 AM
.i think he's just not quite mentally strong enough to ride with the big guns. in 1998 he did, but a series of misfortunes since has killed his confidence. he wrote a diary for last year i think, and almost all his entries, he'd be writing about how right from the beginning of the stage, or on the first climb, he knew he didn't have it to ride with the leaders, so would just ride his own tempo to the finish, and "see what tomorrow would bring".

it seemed like rather than take a gamble, or try to fight through it, as soon as he felt like he wasn't at peak form, he'd pack it in for the day. now a lot of mentally tougher guys woulkd know they weren't on top form, but would give it a shot anyway. it just seemed like he'd rather not take the chance, and maybe win or blow spectacularly, like jalabert would, and instead just ride safely and conservatively and only lose a few minutes. but a few minutes each day adds up.
mental toughness.bjarne
Apr 24, 2003 2:00 AM
He was big in the 98 tour, and after that he faded away.
Well in the 98 tour, we had the Festina doping scandal, and after that the doping controls were enhanced, and the penalties got bigger.
Funny enough a number of riders faded after that, and you have to wonder, if there is a connection.