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are ebay bidders driving prices so low – we see less sellers?(13 posts)

are ebay bidders driving prices so low – we see less sellers?CORONADO FLYER
Apr 22, 2003 5:30 PM
This is a question I have. I noticed many sellers are not selling the good parts anymore. Are we so insanely trying to save a buck that we take all the profit left for the seller?

I feel we all need to wake up and think about this before we all loose a good source for high end parts at reasonable prices.

I have been trying to put together a bike for my girlfriend. All I see is sora crap or bikes that just cost way too much like trek 5200. Some are also misleading. I found an ironhorse ($749) bike that says campy but when you look at the specs they are the same as a sora bike.

Most of the good medium end deals are gone. The other day I saw this guy sell a complete ultegra carbon frame bikes for $900. I asked him if he has anymore. His answer was no. he said he wont be buying and listing these bikes because there are not enough people bidding on eBay.

I feel we all need to try to be a little more reasonable on eBay to get these deals to come back.

What are your opinions?
A wise man once said,"buy retail - sell on Ebay."STEELYeyed
Apr 22, 2003 5:56 PM
Very wise, indeed!KG 361
Apr 22, 2003 6:11 PM
I've snagged a few good deals on E-bay, but generally, I like selling there more. Get A LOT more for items there than almost anywhere else. People just start bidding and go crazy. Often you can get the same item for less on clearance or on sale at a retailer.
crazy bidding and no biddingCORONADO FLYER
Apr 22, 2003 6:42 PM
yes i agree there are some bidding frenzies. like a pack of reef sharks. there are also some auctions where there is little bidding or value givin. it might be the economy but i see less and less of the good deals and more of the used abused items listed.
Bidders can't drive prices down, bidders can only drive prices upScot_Gore
Apr 22, 2003 7:54 PM
What would keep prices down is a lack of bidders.

What could cause that ? Certainly you've seen the signs. How many Scam and Fraud warnings have you seen on this board. How many pasted e-mail posts with things like "You like bike ? You sind mi money I sind you bike. Gud deel fr both, Yes".

I'm personally would look real hard at any thing I was bidding on these days, and would stay away from anything that didn't look perfectly pristine.

my 2 cents.

wrong. ever heard of feedbackCORONADO FLYER
Apr 22, 2003 8:17 PM
yes exctly. lack of bidding or alot of low bids. you choose. wither way it is driving the good guys out for good. there are few scams. like the ones that do not take paypal. or ones with no feedback. please it is not fair to include the too good to be true crap like the colongos for $6000. i have read about these. most people like you and me and the people on this board are smart enough to bid on these scams which are few.

we need to help keep the good guy sellers on ebay before they decide to close up shop and get a job.
Apr 23, 2003 4:08 AM
- Honest sellers are harmed by the multiple scams
- The deals at online retailers are much better since the economy is bad for them too.
- People do not have as much disposable income due to the economy and it cost sellers to list even if the item is not purchased so they may not list as often.

- The "SNIPERS" cause problems. Sellers now list higher starting prices, do not use reserve price auctions anymore, or have given up altogether and use fixed price listings.

As a non-professional seller on eBay with a feedback of over 50, I have seen in recent months that people assume they will get the "deal of a lifetime" or they do not want to purchase on eBay. I have listed new and used bike parts for prices that would have easily sold a few months ago but just do not seem to get any bids even though the cycling season is starting. I just gave up and give the parts to friends, trade them in at my local bike shop, or just keep them in the hope I may need them some day.

eBay is not what it was in the past...
I would not buy anything on Ebayjimmyihatetoregister
Apr 23, 2003 6:41 AM
Its a hassle waiting for the auction to end & constantly checking. I can't remember my paypal password. There are so many stories of scams it seems like a cesspool. Plus, my impression is the sellers want too much $$$. I'd buy from this board or Also consider retail prices at the mail order shops. I shopped for months for a used bike on this board and felt the prices were too high--like a Tuscany with 8,0000 miles for $2300. I bought a bike thu Supergo at a great deal & didn't have to worry if I was being ripped off.
you have to be smart about itclimbo
Apr 23, 2003 6:51 AM
I've got plenty of deals on e-bay, really good stuff cheap. Not just bike stuff either.

Part of the problem now is that if you have no rating, people won't trust you, even though you may be genuinely selling for the first time. All those scammes ruin it for some. Luckily I'm past that and have a 100% rating which helps a lot !
Apr 23, 2003 7:05 AM
Frankly, a huge chunk of biz on ebay is from what I call "professional sellers." These are folks who are trying to make a living from ebay or actual stores. I wish they had a separate auction site or at least a FILTER so I didn't need to deal with the masses of these items. I want to deal with a private seller if I'm shopping for a deal, because that is really the only place to find a lucky deal. But rather, I need to sort through a landfill of from gearlink, O2 bikes, etc...

There is little to be had from these private sellers that can't be found more reliably on the grey market.

Most of the Sora bikes are from those professional sellers.

The other reality, since YOU brought it up, is actually buying a bike online is generally NOT the best way to buy them, regardless of the source of the bike, unless the buyer knows EXACTLY what he/she is buying and the seller knows what is being sold. It certainly isn't the best avenue for a newbie.

I was fortunate to sell a complete bike on ebay last fall for much more money than it was worth. It would have been a "deal" at the reserve price, or even the buy in now price, but of course a last hour bidding war developed, and the winner paid as much as he would have to buy it new on clearance, if he could find one in his size. He also appeared to be something of an ebay addict.
re: professional sellersJS Haiku Shop
Apr 23, 2003 7:18 AM
for the last few years (i've been doing ebay since 1999), i've viewed ebay as a seller's market, and have had much success selling old parts and equipment, and numerous complete bikes, with usually great profits, but sometimes just breaking even. i think ebay lives up to it's rep as the "world's largest garage sale". until recently i've not shopped for anything on ebay, preferring to wait for sales or coupons at performance, nashbar, et al.

in the last 12 months i've found quite a few cycling deals on ebay: small items and hard-to-find/NOS items sold cheap--things that have a very narrow market. most recently i've purchased things at 2/3 to 1/2 the mass-market sale value, or less. case in point: four cyclocomputer wiring harnesses for $5 each, with very low shipping, where they are $12 online. these deals were *all* had from "power sellers", or those who either "professionally" sell on ebay (rely on ebay for their income), or subsidize retail sales with online auctions (bike shops).

bargains can be had, but i'll still maintain ebay is 90% a seller's market!

good luck.

EBAY prices are WAY too highdante
Apr 23, 2003 10:42 AM
case in point: $1000 cannondale went for $800. Several years old but low miles. For $200 more the buyer could've gotten fit, free tune-ups, warranty, plus a NEW bike. A coworker was delighted to find the Beatles Anthology DVD for $56 on ebay, and within 5 min. of looking I'd found it in an online store for 49 including shipping.

So bidders go crazy, but sometimes the people selling stuff are asking WAY too much. High reserves or a high starting price, and I'll watch the thing go by without a single bid.

I searched ebay for 2 months looking for a bike for my girlfriend. Anything in a size 46 or 47 was fair game. Anything that was out there was either old (and too expensive), or just too expensive, so we went to my LBS and got a Jamis Ventura, beautiful bike, for only a little more than an older Cannondale or Bianchi.

No, it's not the bidders keeping things low, if anything they're chasing away most other people...

Apr 23, 2003 1:03 PM
Actually I have seen aluminum road frames selling at under $200 each. Nothing higher. No one is bidding on eBay.

I did contact Leader Bike USA about buying a bike for my girlfriend. After our discussion we came to this conclusion.

I will buy a complete Simano Dura Ace ld-785r carbon rear bike with Deda bar, stem. Mavic open pro's with dura ace. Full carbon ld-i901 and carbon ld-sp2 seat post. Selle flite gel saddle. all for $1899. This is an excellent deal brand new. I told them they should list these bikes on eBay for this price. They would sell fast considering the quality and reviews they have here on road bike review.

I in return will buy a smaller ld-715r frame and transfer my old ultegra parts to it for my girlfriend.

I know this is a great deal on a brand new dura ace with Italian accessories.

I will take a picture of it when I get it.