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Say it isn't so... I may have a upper abdominal hernia(7 posts)

Say it isn't so... I may have a upper abdominal herniafunknuggets
Apr 22, 2003 12:58 PM
Ok, now Im nervous. Im officially not indestructable. And heavens, they said the most offensive thing to me. They said this type of hernia is really common in MIDDLE AGE. OH the agony. Im only 31. Im too young to die...

Ok, just playing. Has anyone had one of these things? They say that it should be taken care of surgically, and they haven't officially diagnosed it yet, but they said that is what they are suspecting. Ok, how long will I be off the bike. Im in the best shape for this time of the season in years and I would like to minimize the downtime.

Any type of homeopathic rub or herbal tea that would heal this thing up and prevent surgery would be welcome. Any duct tape or macGuyver remedy would be accepted as well... Also any experiences with this? Please help.

Thanks in advance
re: or my God he is gonna die.. he is gonna diecyclopathic
Apr 22, 2003 2:42 PM
I am too young for you to die!

my 7 year old has it, he was born with it. We talked to pediatrician about surgery several times but his position was there's no need to. It is not going anywhere, there's no risk, it is not painful, why bother? Muscles get stronger and keep it from bulging out.

I suspect you always had it, just ld age/aerobic exercise made it noticeable. If it bothers you for cosmetic reasons hit weights/do six pack targeted exercises and forget about it. If you have surgery it will take 6mo-1.5year to recover from occational pains/don't bother IMHO
2 months offlancezneighbor
Apr 22, 2003 6:12 PM
Had 3 (yes three) hernias fixed in late October. I started riding two months later with doctor's full approval. I think that was longer than it should have been due to me being a baby. I have a friend who was active the next day. I maxed out my sympathy card as much as I could but I really think I could have been up and riding in a month. Building up muscle will not help. It's a tear in the abdominal wall not the muscle. If it is not causing pain and if it is not dangerous due to strangulation, then wait until the late fall to get it fixed. But there is no reason not to have it fixed; eventually.
Shouldn't have chased Gibi up that hill! -nmrussw19
Apr 22, 2003 3:02 PM
Join the Club! I May Be Looking at a Hernia Too!...serbski
Apr 22, 2003 3:45 PM
Could you describe the symptoms that led you to visit a doctor? Or did you just notice some type of "lump" that one usually associates with a hernia? I'm asking because I've been dealing with a hip injury (from running marathons etc) that, after MRI's and multiple X-Rays which all gave me a clean bill of "hip health", could be some type of hernia as I'm hearing about runners with "back" or "hip" injuries that ended up being hernias! Sorry to be so self-obsessed with *my* potential hernia but if you could share any insight on this I'd be very thankful. It's funny but, after 30, we do start to pay for what we do to our bodies in the name of sport and health. One of my doctors put it pretty succinctly when he said, "You're in pretty good shape for someone in as good a shape as you're in!" I guess after years/thousands of miles of running I could be quite a bit more thrashed. Thanks in advance. Good luck with whatever you choose regarding the hernia.
Well, a strange turn of events...funknuggets
Apr 23, 2003 12:23 PM
Well, not sure how to take this...but the doctor was not sure what it is, but actually ended up scheduling me for a head/neck and chest CatScan to see what is going on along with bloodwork. She didnt "think" it was a hernia, but gave me a rather extensive workover checking all my lymph nodes because there are some close to where the lump is. So, that was kind of a creepy turn of events, thinking it may be a hernia and getting the doc wanting to rule out cancer. Yikes.

However, I don't exhibit any of the "telltale" symptoms (nightsweats, weight loss, loss of appetite, bleeding, bruising... lah de dah) of what they 'expect' with cancer, but they are going to check anyway. She said it was good, however that I feel pain when it is pressed. I guess normal cancerous lymphs do not. Supposedly she can see whether it is a hernia that way as well. But, again, she is a family practice doctor and may be running the shotgun approach to narrowing it down. She said not to worry. I guess I wont unless the results tell me something different. Although it is weird to consider.

To answer your question, serbski... I leaned over the table on Easter and the edge of the table pressed against the part right under my sternum (about one inch), directly in between the top two triangular muscles of the "six pack". It felt weird, like something "moved" and I thought it a weird sensation. Feeling it, I noticed a lump that I never had before. So, upon pressing it I noticed it was a little tender to the touch. However, I dont really know if I am making it worse by constantly feeling around on it. It does NOT hurt or become externally visable when I 'bear down' and it also feels more like a mass... like a pea or something, rather than a bubble... so, it just seemed out of place and I was advised by a family friend over the phone to go get it checked out.

thanks for everyone's advice
re: Say it isn't so... I may have a upper abdominal herniaal0
Apr 23, 2003 1:07 AM
1. If hernia would be confirmed You SHALL take planned surgery before you would have bad symptoms to prevent strangulation of hernia. In later case you would have emergency surgery, much more severe then planned surgery and with more, more longer recovery time (in order of magnitude). In case of planned surgery you would miss few monthes (or even weeks) - in case of emergence one that may be years.