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What Cadence to use during my Base period???(4 posts)

What Cadence to use during my Base period???CaliforniaDreaming
Apr 22, 2003 10:10 AM
I'm finally out on my new bike, Allez Sport '03. Ok, so its not an Uber bike, but its what I need while I save for the dream bike, and of course it was dirt cheap. Most importantly, I'm finally back riding and gonna do about 2.5 solid months of base riding to rebuild my aerobic endurance after about a 9 month lay off from training.

So what cadence should I be shooting for? Prior to my training stoppage(is that a word?), I regularly held a 95-105 cadence. As I'm a smaller rider, I've never been a big gear smasher. Should I start out in the high 90's or mid-to-upper 80's. The world is very flat in my part of TX so going to a lower cadence is easy in the absence of hills. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

90-105 rpm is where you want to be.Fredrico
Apr 22, 2003 12:03 PM
You've got it made. Your legs are already trained for the rapid cadences most riders have to learn while racking up those base miles.

Just take it easy for the first ride or two, so your legs get used to the new exercise. Don't know anyone who's pulled a muscle spinning at 90-105 rpm. At those cadences you aren't struggling to "stay on top of the gear." Gradually build up the intensity to higher gears, keeping up rapid cadences. In a month or so, hit some hills to force the legs to work harder and get stronger, in deliberate contractions at low cadences, but don't overdo it or you'll lose your spin.
90-105 rpm is where you want to be.CaliforniaDreaming
Apr 22, 2003 12:32 PM
Thanks for the input. I was out at a park loop last night keeping a low HR, but was only spinning at around 80-85 rpm. A couple of neighborhood roadies(with no helmets, but we've covered that I guess) showed up so I picked up the pace, stayed under my threshold, and felt much better around 101 rpm.

For some reason, my legs don't feel right at slower speeds and high cadence. I'm guessing that my pedal stroke isn't quite perfect. I don't bounce, but I definately feel better in a higher gear with more resistance. I'll give it a shot later today, rain be damned! Best part about my low $ ride is that I won't cry if it gets wet!!! :-)

Thanks again.
Higher gear with more resistance,Fredrico
Apr 23, 2003 12:46 PM
Moderate resistance is cool, if you can still sustain 100 rpm. Easy slow riding is only to establish an efficient, smooth, circular pedal stroke. If you can already crank 100 rpm with some resistance, that's the level you should train at. No reason to go into ridiculously easy gears, unless of course you need a recovery ride once in awhile.

High speeds at high cadences is where it's at. Ask Lance Armstrong.