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Yo, Greg Taylor! How about a TeamLardbutt report?(8 posts)

Yo, Greg Taylor! How about a TeamLardbutt report?MB1
Apr 22, 2003 6:00 AM
For those who don't know Gregory Taylor in the guise of "Team Lardbutt" adopted a section of road in Northern Virginia. While we were out enjoying our various rides on Saturday he and the Lardbutts were cleaning up a couple mile section of road.

Good for them. What a great example-we should all be so good to and for the cycling community.

BTW I am looking forward to seeing the VDOT sign reading "Adopted by Team Lardbutt". When it is up I'll post a photo for the enjoyment of all.
Glad to oblige -- and to lay down a challengeGregory Taylor
Apr 22, 2003 7:01 AM
Let me say up front that this all started out as a huge goof.

For a while now, the dudes at Team Lardbutt have been looking for a way to some community service while having fun and generating a laugh or two. A lot of the guys give generously to the Lance Armstrong Foundation -- a really great charity, by the way -- but we were looking to do something a bit closer to home.

Virginia has this wonderful program known as "Adopt-A-Highway". If you have traveled in the state, you have seen the signs -- "This Road Adopted By...." and the name of an organization. The program works like this: in exchange for having the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) put your group's name up on the sign, you agree to pick up litter along your adopted road for a two year period. Two years, two miles, four collections a year. Piece of cake.

To sweeten the deal, we were able to convince VDOT to allow Team Lardbutt to "adopt" a stretch of road that is part of our normal Sunday training route. "Our" road is Gunston Road near Lorton, Virginia. If you are familiar with the area, it runs past Pohick park, Mason Neck Wildlife Preserve, and the home of one of the founding fathers - George Mason. It is a very pretty route.

Admittedly, part of the attraction of this program was less than altruistic. If VDOT were to agree to put up a sign saying that "Team Lardbutt" had adopted the road, we were assured of amusing some of the locals and absolutely horrifying the rest. An added bonus is that this particular portion of road is used by a couple of friendly rival cycling teams, so we will have the satisfaction of having them ride on a road that VDOT says is "ours." But, hey, we are willing to keep up our end of the bargain, and VDOT has assured us that the signs are going up very shortly.

In fact, our first litter pick-up was this Saturday. We had eleven Lardbutts and hangers-on show up. After coffee and doughnuts, we deployed the forces and knocked it out in about 90 minutes. The Lardbutts will be doing another clean-up in July.

Now for the challenge - let's get more cyclists and cycling groups involved in this program. As cyclists, we use the roads and certainly appreciate a clean environment. So....if you live in Virginia and belong to a cycling club, or have a group that rides together on weekends, think about adopting a favorite stretch of road in your area. Check out the VDOT website for more information on the program

If not, come out and ride with the Lardbutts and help us do our next road clean-up in July.
Does the clean-up have to be in the morning?MB1
Apr 22, 2003 8:17 AM
It is very unlikely I could convince Miss M to help with a morning trash pickup. Now if it was done in the late afternoon as the day cooled off we could and would be glad to show up and help.

As long as you don't call Miss M a LardButt.

BTW Gregory forgot to mention that he treated all to Krispy Kream Doughnuts and coffee before the cleanup. Talk about an effective bribe....
No! It can be done anytime....Gregory Taylor
Apr 22, 2003 8:48 AM
We tried out the morning slot because it seemed to work for the most people. We were thinking about doing the summer clean up on a Sunday evening to take advantage of the longer daylight and the cooler guys would be most welcome to join us, clean-up or ride.

Oh, the Krispy Kreme's were delicious. As a member of the doughnunt committee, I tested a few doughnuts as they came hot off of the conveyor belt. Literally only seconds old....
Oh, and you get to keep whatever you find!Gregory Taylor
Apr 22, 2003 3:42 PM
Yup. Finders keepers. And we found some ... um... really cool stuff. One Lardbutt took home a decent collection of golf balls that had been dropped on the side of the road. There was an assortment of air fresheners as well. My favorite, however, is this photo I found in a ditch. I call it "Found Object: Fish Story." This guy has it all: truck, cigarette, kid, and a big ol' fish.
damn that's cool!!! nmJS Haiku Shop
Apr 23, 2003 5:47 AM
That had to be taken in West Virginia...Fez
Apr 23, 2003 8:13 AM
You're giving Virginia a bad name by showing that photo. People will start thinking everyone in VA is like the guy in the photo.

As an aside, when I used to travel around the country and people would ask where I was from, they used to think I was the biggest redneck when I said Virginia (even though I was 5 minutes outside of DC). People asked me if I listened to country music, and some asked me if I had running water.

I started telling people I was from DC or DC-area and from then on, everyone thought I was so Cosmopolitan.
there are rednecks and trailer-park trash everywhereJS Haiku Shop
Apr 23, 2003 8:20 AM
my wife moved from a far-northern US state in her teen years, and thought until moving that most Tennessee "urban" homes had outdoor plumbing.

I was shocked and amazed to find rednecks and TPT as far north as Toronto. mind you, that's as far north as i've been. the most culture-shocking incident for me in the last 10 years was stopping at a gas station in a semi-rural area on the outskirts of Buffalo and discovering that rednecks in NY have northern accents. i'd never expected that number of rust-ridden 1970s land barges and tin-roofed shacks, north of Kentucky.

no offense intended if any of you are rednecks or trailer park trash. many of my best friends are rednecks and TPT. ok, not really, but no offense intended, anyhow.