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Suggestions? Upgrade on me bike.(5 posts)

Suggestions? Upgrade on me bike.toksuede
Apr 22, 2003 5:00 AM
This is going to be a general inquiry as I am by no means a seasoned cyclist. But here it goes...

I've got a Cannodale CAAD4 bike with Tiagra bits and bobs as well as a Time (ATAC) clip. The bike's been with me for about 6 months. Recently, I've been contemplating about making some upgrades as to making the ride a bit more comfy.

I commute (15 minutes each way) on a daily basis as well as going for a casula one for a hour or so every other weekend. I have thought about getting the following:

-a new saddle that is actually comfortable.
-a tire that will not collapse when hitting potholes and won't slip under liquidy conditions.
-a cycle computer that can monitor general things (how many miles, how fast, etc.)

I was going for the Selle Italia Prolink saddle. Tires and the computer I have got no idea.

If you have any suggestions, please do make them as I am a wee bit lost.

Thank you in advance.


*Note: I really don't want anything too complex and too expensive.
re: Suggestions? Upgrade on my bike.Matno
Apr 22, 2003 8:12 AM
Well, there are tons of tires and computers that fit the bill. (Your choice of a ProLink is a good one, but then every saddle is somewhat "butt-dependent").

For tires, you are somewhat limited by the frame/fork clearance. I have a CAAD4, and when I had 28mm tires on it, sand from the road would grind between the tire and the fork. Not good. I'm guessing you'll want to go with a 25mm tire. If you want the best, in England has pretty good deals on Continental tires. (I'm assuming that since your choice of saddle isn't what I would call cheap that you can afford decent tires). If you're interested in saving a few bucks, there are often sales on slightly heavier, but more durable tires all over the web. Try Nashbar or Performance for starters. Michelin Axial Bi-sport comes to mind as a great commuter tire with just a little bit of tread for those slippery conditions. Aside from its weight (which really isn't bad) it gets great reviews.

As for a computer, unless you want one that is wireless or has cadence (pedal rpm's) then your choices are practically unlimited. Supergo usually sells a house branded one for about $15 that works great. Has all the basic features you need, nothing you don't. One thing to make sure of before you buy is whether the computer has auto start/stop. Most do nowadays, but there are a few that don't. Personally, I just got a wireless Shimano FlightDeck (which may or may not be compatible with your Tiagra shifters - check Shimano's website). It's got a lot of fancy features you probably don't need, but it also has some nice ones. I like the wireless option, and having the computer's control buttons built in to the shifters is very convenient. I also have the Supergo no-frills computer on my MTB. It works fine and does just what I want it to (current speed, average speed, max speed, trip distance, odometer - everything I really ever use on a MTB).

Hope that helps.
Tires - Continental GatorskinKeeponTrekkin
Apr 22, 2003 8:41 AM
which I use in conditions such as you describe. It's seems to be a very high traction compound with a tread design that drains well (road tread, not multi-purpose or off-road). I got the 28 mm size for a more comfortable ride and greater load carrying capacity. Check clearances carefully if you're considering a non-stock tire size.

re: Suggestions? Upgrade on me bike.wielerpret
Apr 23, 2003 1:38 AM
Continental tires are fine for your purposes. A direct hit in a pothole is risky for even the strongest tires. They should be pumped up to a plm. 7 Bar pressure. Try to steer clear or anticipate by lifting your butt just a bit while negociating them. Experience like this of many miles also helps to reduce risk of punctures.
Sella San Marco Rolls saddles have proven themselves for many years to be comfy, robust and not too expensive.
Sigma manufactures excellent computers across a wide range. I have first hand experience with all three brands... Good luck. Luke. Amsterdam.
many thanks and the things I have done thus far...toksuede
Apr 24, 2003 12:00 AM
Many thanks to the lot who responded to my query. Thanks you very much. What I have done is as follows:
-Bought and installed a profile design airwing bar (very proud as i did it myself).
-Bought the selle italia slr saddle and manage to do the same.

I have yet to do the tire thing and I have heard that the michelin one (forgot which one, perhaps the that comes in multi-colour) is quite good for the streets.

I must admit that I have yet to reach a conclusion regarding the computer, but I will follow the advices on this matter.

Probably the tire will come next and I will make sure to check couple brands out (and get the 25mm, right?).

Once again, thank you very much.