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i'm cracking up! is it a crack in my frame?!?(4 posts)

i'm cracking up! is it a crack in my frame?!?Peter E
Apr 21, 2003 11:34 PM
On todays otherwise great ride (did my favorit here in Auckland, NZ, lots of climbing) i noticed something that got me a bit scared.
On the front of the bike, going up from the headset (threaded) was a small crack, a couple of millimeters, at the moment. When i got home a examined it closer, and it is definitly some kind of crack. But i dont know how deep it is, if it's all through or if it's just the paint.

The bike is a Zeus Gavia (made by Orbea) with a 7005 alu-frame. The dealer said that there where life-time warranty on the frame and fork (seems weird on a alu-bike but...) But there is one problem with that as well. I come from Sweden, and have my papers for the bike there, i currently live in New Zealand until late november, and the bike is bought in Spain

Any ideas about what i should do? How will i find out how deep the crack is? is the frame just to discard?
Check the Ordea website they have dealers in Australiabent_spoke
Apr 22, 2003 5:14 AM ....sorry about your frame
your lifetime warranty is not surprising, even on ALJS Haiku Shop
Apr 22, 2003 5:45 AM
if it's backed by Orbea. last year i considered buying a Zeus 7000-series AL frame from GVH. at that time i called the Orbea US distributor to ask for info about the frame, and they went out of their way to give detail and also assured me if there were *any* problems down the road, they'd take care of me. didn't buy the bike, but a friend recently bought a similar frame (Zeus Roubaix). he uses it for training and racing, and loves it.

recently i purchased a Zeus Pro frame (Foco), but have yet to build it up. did the same before buying it--called Orbea US and asked them about the frame. they didn't have much info on that particular model, but they assured me that the dealer was a good rep for the company, and that the US Distributor would do whatever it took to keep me as a happy Zeus/Orbea rider, if any problems were to arise with the frame.

if you can't get any response from anyplace else, consider calling or contacting Orbea US (in Little Rock, Arkansas/US), at least for a place to start. last time, i got a runaround--until i asked to speak with the owner. he's apparently the guy i talked to the first time, also. FYI.

good luck!

Orbea is only Euro mfr I know of w/ lifetime warranty on alugeeker
Apr 22, 2003 6:42 AM
frames, and the company is subsidized by the Basque government (any connection?).