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Commuters: what do you do for footwear in the rain?(7 posts)

Commuters: what do you do for footwear in the rain?Applejuice
Apr 21, 2003 8:43 PM
Ok - I'll admit it. I'm not really a roadie, I'm a recumbent cyclist, but we do have a lot in common.

My question is what do you wear on your feet when you ride in the rain? What shoes? Do you use neoprene booties like the Sidetrack?

What about the distance between your pants and the shoes? Don't you end up with water running off the pant legs and into your shoes?


P.S. - Any thoughts on these new shoes? They're from Gaerne and are supposed to be waterproof.
re: Commuters: what do you do for footwear in the rain?The Human G-Nome
Apr 21, 2003 9:10 PM
buy waterproof/breathable socks from sealskin.
Shoe covers...Fez
Apr 22, 2003 5:05 AM
If you want to stay dry and prevent your shoes from looking terrible. Try thinner ones for summer rain.
Apr 22, 2003 7:08 AM
I live in Florida and I don't commute anymore.. but I used to ride 26 miles each way to work 6 days a week, plus training rides and races. It is warm enough in all but january here that I never cared if my feet got wet. The rest of you is going to get wet, why should your feet get special treatment? I used to leave a pair of shoes at work and would carry my clothes in a fanny pack. I would roll the clothes up so they were compact and put everything in a big ziplock freezer bag. Kept me from sweating thru the fanny pack to the clothes in the summmer too. But I had 3 pairs of shoes, 2 of which were exactly the same, so I never had to worry about my shoes not being dry the next day. On top of that I play ice hockey and have a skate dryer that works great on wet cycling and soccer shoes too.

If it's cold out, that's another story. I can handle being cold, and I can handle being wet, but not both together.

Those days I would just try to drive if I knew it was cold and going to rain ahead of time.

2nd the shoe covers...velocity
Apr 22, 2003 8:23 AM
I carry lightweight shoe covers most of the year in case I have to commute home in the rain. The Gaerne shoes look like they might be good for winter riding but would be awfully hot otherwise.
insidious rain ...Geardaddy
Apr 22, 2003 10:55 AM
It gets in even through the gaps in the bottom of your shoe where the cleat is. In my area, summer rains are usually short downpours and the steady day-long rains tend to happen in the spring and fall. IMO, there's nothing worse than a cold rain as far as riding conditions. I'd still take riding in 15F and snow instead.

Anyway, lots of options:

1) Ride with no socks - works OK if its warm.
2) Get waterproof socks - your shoes will still get soaked and your feet may still get cold.
3) Get shoe covers - they work pretty well, but I'm not sure they're completely waterproof.
4) Get waterproof shoes - pricey and hot to wear, and probably not worth it if you only occasionally deal with rain.
5) Plastic bread bags and rubber bands - the poor man's way! Use bread bags because they are long enough to go over your foot and extend up your lower leg, allowing you to tuck them under a rain pant. Use rubber bands around ankles to secure. They are thin enough so that you can clip into your clipless pedals right through the bag. It's completely waterproof. Also, they're cheap and disposable!
I second the plastic bag idea...timfire
Apr 22, 2003 8:02 PM
.. though I usually use a grocery bag over my socks but inside the shoe. My shoes get soaked, but it usually keeps my feet dry. If you're going to do a long ride (more than a couple of hours), water usually will find a way into the bags, but for commuting they work fine.

I thought if I had the money it would be nice to buy a second pair of shoes specifically for wet days, but for now the bag trick is good enough.