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Mavic Open Pro Ceramic Rims + Dura Ace Hubs(5 posts)

Mavic Open Pro Ceramic Rims + Dura Ace HubsAFrizzledFry
Apr 21, 2003 7:28 PM
anyone have any experience with these wheels? i'm curious as to their durability, weight, and overall performance/quality. any info you can give will be appreciated. at $319.98 a set, the price is right. i'm just wondering about i've also been thinking about some Mavic SSC SLs...i'll mainly use them for races, and continue to train on my current wheels.

thanks for reading!
re: Mavic Open Pro Ceramic Rims + Dura Ace HubsNessism
Apr 21, 2003 7:48 PM
I think you would be better off with regular non-CD, non-ceramic Open Pros. Ceramic rims will grind a set of regular Dura Ace brake pads to dust in short order. If you go ceramic, figure on the added cost of special brake pads. Of course, if you change out the brake pads they will not work as well on your other non-ceramic wheelsets. Regarding the CD version, the hard anodizing makes the brake track slick reducing braking power.

For the money a set of Open Pros on Dura Ace hubs is a good value. The Ksyriums are nice wheels but a very poor value in my opinion.

Good luck.

re: Mavic Open Pro Ceramic Rims + Dura Ace HubsAFrizzledFry
Apr 21, 2003 8:18 PM
hmmm. i was not aware of this...well, perfermance sells a silver rim version for $249.98. thanks for your thoughts.
Great wheels.MB1
Apr 22, 2003 4:31 AM
I built up a set for Miss M's Rivendell. After at least 30,000 miles they are still going strong. She has gone through 1 set of Kool Stop Green (for ceramic rims) brake pads and has lots of life left on the second pair.

I put the setup on her bike because she has really small hands and the improved stoping with ceramic rims with the correct pads is well worth the extra cost.

Of course one of the reasons that parts last her so long is that she is only 100 lbs soaking wet.
re: Mavic Open Pro Ceramic Rims + Dura Ace Hubsjohnrg
Apr 22, 2003 3:43 PM
I recently got a set of dura ace and open pros from Excel Sports for $295, Excel Sports Cirrus. Nice wheels. Light using combination of revolution and 14/15 spokes black rims. Almost as light as my Ksyriums. Should be strong as well. I don't see any need for the ceramics.