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Met helmets(5 posts)

Met helmetsmanofsteel
Apr 21, 2003 5:42 PM
Anyone know of any online shops that will sell these helmets to the states? I hear that the Italian company doesn't want to export their helmets to the U.S. for some odd reason. I'm mainly interested in the Stradivarius model.---manofsteel
re: Met helmetsAkirasho
Apr 21, 2003 6:57 PM
... in the past, I've been able to purchase them from but haven't inquired since MET sent out their notice to authorized vendors.

Bulltek had them for a while... and might still have access... wouldn't hurt to ask.

Reasons aren't too odd considering our society... they simply don't want to get mired down in frivilous lawsuits (McDonalds made me fat). I wish they didn't feel that way (I've got several METs)... but it's their choice (small family owned company compared to most other well known helmet makers).

BTW, MET Strad is a nice lid... world class in every respect... and it's one of the best fitting lids I've ever owned (out of the box with no fidgeting with pads)... of course, your head might be more normal compared to mine...

The 5 Element is marketed as an off road helmet... but does great duty as a "not just another Pneumo" road lid (removable visor).

Be the bike.
re: Met helmetsThe Human G-Nome
Apr 21, 2003 9:13 PM
i own the strad. it rocks. try xpedia.
Total CyclingFr Ted Crilly
Apr 22, 2003 7:40 AM

Met Stradivarius for £55 = $86
I had a Met Fireball which I was very happy with.
... yeah but...Akirasho
Apr 22, 2003 12:03 PM
... notice they don't actually give you the export pricing to the US...

I'd check with them before ordering.

Be the bike.