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Cane Creek Aerohead Wheels-Anyone familiar?(6 posts)

Cane Creek Aerohead Wheels-Anyone familiar?grande
Apr 21, 2003 3:43 PM
Just bought these wheels on recommendations from this site. This is my first wheelset (for first roadbike for that matter) I've ridden mtn previously. After 3 rides I cant say I'm that impressed.

I mean, i admit i dont have good appreciation for anything roadie yet but these things arn't wowing me. When I bought my Chris King/Mavic 517 for my MTN bike I was like, "Now this is it!" Am i missing something or does anyone think i'd be happier on Dura-Ace/Open Pro to replace. Its just that they dont seem to roll particulary great or feel that great. I spin that rear wheel in the when its in the stand and it stops pretty quick. Sure it picks up speed pretty quick on the rode but to me, coming from mountain anything would. Plus it seems to deaccelerate quickly. Do these things need some break in?

Did I buy some racing wheelset. All I am is and average Joe
on his bike for recreation. No racing. Need just a comfortable sound wheelset. Can anyone explain to me how these types of wheelsets differ from a more traditional wheelset.

All replys/advice are appreciated.
Lone Gunman
Apr 21, 2003 4:14 PM
Hmmmm....about the only thing I could say is a few years back I had the opp to ride DA7700 for 2 weeks, similar in design to the Rolfs I was riding which from a money standpoint was supposed to be $300 retail, DA over the Rolfs. The DA's did not "wow" me, they were nice wheels but if I needed wheels, I would not pony up $700 for the DA's.

I am left wondering what you were expecting from your wheels? Does de-accelerate mean they don't roll or coast forever? Comfortable wheels? Are they too stiff, something I never hear about wheels in general? Perhaps comfort means letting out about 10psi and/or riding 25mm tires.

Rest assured average Joe, your wheelset is nothing to sneeze at. The most notable difference in wheels is weight and is felt probably the most in climbing; light wheels accelerate faster than heavy with all other factors being the same (rider,frame, same hill, etc). The higher up the ladder you go on components, you get that diminished return on the dollar spent, sort of like splitting hairs if that makes sense.
Sure but...grande
Apr 21, 2003 4:59 PM
I'm not comparing these cane creeks to $700 wheelsets. I'm comparing them to a 32 spoke tradional set (If thats what they call it). DuraAce, Ultegra, Chris King hubs w/ Mavic Open Pros or the like. Like I said I'm just looking for a solid wheel set for rec purposes only.
I think you have what will serve your purposeLone Gunman
Apr 21, 2003 6:42 PM
And you made a good choice; a seviceable wheelset that weightwise ranks with a DA/Ultegra open pro set. My point was I saw little difference between MY every day $400 value Rolf wheels and the $700 DA set. You have a lower spoke count with your Cane Creeks than a DA/OP wheels and some may argue that a 32spoke is stiffer stronger wheel than a 28/24, but like you said, you're a recreational rider. Should your wheels need to swap out a broken spoke, easy to have fixed. The only down side is there will always be lighter perceivably faster wheels than you have, and there is the trap that fuels the wheel swap board.
I think you have what will serve your purposerussw19
Apr 21, 2003 7:13 PM
Ride em for a few miles.. they have a sealed cartridge bearing... it may need to break in. Sometimes the seals rub initially on them. Riding will help.

I love those wheels. They are the only wheels I have ever bought twice. I work in a shop and have tried a lot of the wheels on the market.. I just bought the new Volos Team Ti's. It's the only design of boutique wheels that I have ever gone back for round 2 so far.

If you can't seem to get comfy on those, email me. I will trade you a set of Dura-Ace Open Pros. DB spokes, and handbuilt. If you hate the Cane Creeks that much, let me know and we can work a trade. That's how much I personally like those wheels.

re: Cane Creek Aerohead Wheels-Anyone familiar?weiwentg
Apr 21, 2003 7:25 PM
the "now this is it!" for road bike wheels is carbon fiber tubulars. which cost around a grand for just the wheels. if you bought your wheels from Supergo, you could get 4 sets of Cane Creeks...
the Cane Creeks are good wheels, and I've ridden a few. all my rear wheels seem to have stopped fairly quickly. they are botique wheels; unless you are very heavy and/or rough on equipment you will not break spokes, but if you do most bike shops will not have them. the Cane Creek hubs have straight pull spokes, with nipples mounted at the hub - if you've been mountain biking a while you would probably have been familiar with their mountain wheels. they are lighter than a standard build. to be honest, the difference won't be huge. however, I went from the Cane Creeks to a 36-spoke set of Open Pros with Record hubs (got Zipps to race on), and the difference is noticeable.
personally, I'd keep them. as you said, you don't know how road bike stuff feels as you have no basis for comparison. same thing happened to me when I got a MTB, which coincidentally had Cane Creek WAM Discs. no "wow!" factor, but I had no basis for comparison.