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Choosing a road frame...(2 posts)

Choosing a road frame...mark in orlando
Apr 21, 2003 10:59 AM
In the $500 - $600 range there are a multitude of Italian frames from which to choose. I have my geometry down and have found a dozen promising choices (all of which will have to be mail ordered). Among those frames half are top name frames from Pinarello, Ciocc, Colnago - while the other half are a mix of house brands or Italian name brands of lesser notoriety made in Taiwan. These range from the Velo Razzo and Supergo's Scattante (both with carbon stays and forks and made from higher end columbus aluminum tubing) - as well as Cinelli's Proxima frame and Casati's Cometa frame (both with carbon forks from Reynolds and Columbus and made of tubing from Columbus and Dedacciai normally reserved for bikes costing twice as much).

HERE'S THE BIG QUESTION: Which is better? - A house brand or Taiwan welded Italian brand (Supergo Scattante, Velo Razzo, Casti Cometa, Cinelli Proxima) made of mid to higher end aluminum Columbus or Dedacciai tubing with Carbon stays OR a Pinarello, Ciocc, Colnago made either of their own aluminum tubing or with a lower end Columbus/Deda tubing?
can I add to the confusion? ;)gtx
Apr 21, 2003 2:18 PM
if you have the geometry part figured out, it will be hard to go wrong. This may add $100 to your price range, but I'd also look at the new Salsa AL road frame (Taiwan), the Titus Drop U (I think it's made for Titus by Anodizing Inc in Portland--not sure, though--maybe they do it in house), and Tom Teesdale also builds custom AL for a very reasonable price (USA all the way). Good luck!