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3T or ITM?(5 posts)

3T or ITM?joeblack
Apr 20, 2003 8:49 PM
Which is a better stem/handlebar combo?

3T Forgie/199 Prima
ITM Millenium stem/handlebar
re: 3T or ITM?Juanmoretime
Apr 21, 2003 1:03 AM
I use a 3T Prima 199, although I don't use a Forgie, I don't particularly care for it. I've been using a Ritchey WCS stem and really like it. I like the fact that it's stiff, doesn't creak or creep and the four bolt handlebar clamp doesn't require a lot of tension to hold the handlebar in place.
re: 3T or ITM?Fez
Apr 21, 2003 4:40 AM
I don't like the Forgie. Its real bulky and takes a lot of space on the steerer. A Zepp is a much nicer stem to mate with the Prima 199 bar.

3T also makes a ZeppXL bar/stem combo, if you like oversize.

I've used the Zepp and the ITM Millenium and have had no problems.
re: 3T or ITM?koala
Apr 21, 2003 6:44 AM
In contrast to the above posters, I own and like the forgie. It is stiff and I like the muscular look of it. I think the most important consideration here is the handelbar reach and drop, which is very different. Www. mud sweat and gears has measured reach and drop. The TTT has shallower reach and drop. The most often neglected fit consideration is bar reach and drop, which can change your stem a few centimeters. go with the combo that suits your fit needs.
Apr 21, 2003 7:04 AM
I use a Forgie and a 199 and the stem has a nice appearance while just plain functions. Not light but not a big issue. After a crash I considered updating the stem but have hesitated and probably won't bother. You can find it for $39 as well.