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Good Friday Ride Report(4 posts)

Good Friday Ride Reportnoveread
Apr 20, 2003 7:00 PM
Good Friday - 4/18/2003

So last night was the weekly Thursday night group ride, which tends to be a pretty fast ride, or a race training ride. The weather has not been the greatest so not much of a crowd showed up. Only three others in fact, but the other three riders are all very, very strong. I did 36 miles with the group last night and with the requisite sign sprints etc. But I am happy to say that I even managed to win a couple of the sign sprints, including the final. Travis was there last night, as he is always and as both he and I did not have to work on Good Friday, we decided to get together for an "easy" ride. Of course, what is easy for him is definitely not easy for me but I'm certainly not going to pass up the opportunity to ride on a day with no familial responsibilities!

Here's my ride for the day, my new Litespeed Sirius. I love this bike! It's way faster than I am, that's for sure!

I head out of the neighborhood to meet Travis at the Mobil station.

I'm pretty tired today after last night's effort and I've got a fair amount of miles in the legs already this week. Last night's ride gave me 100miles for Monday-Thursday. Travis wants to ride over to the Paoli area despite the NE wind. Travis is strong enough that he doesn't have to worry about wind direction for the return legs of rides, he can just power right through. Not to be the spoiled sport I haplessly agree. Come to think of it, there are some hills over that way too. Just what I need today. Little did I know at this point what this ride would do for me for the rest of the weekend.

It's pretty bleary out, about 42 degrees, cloudy, NE wind at 10-12. And this is supposed to be the best day of the weekend! Ahhh Wisconsin!

The first part of the ride doesn't have scenery worth taking a picture of. It's not bad or anything, just not note worthy. But once we head away from Verona things get a bit nicer. This road, lined with trimmed trees made for a slightly erie feeling with the darkish conditions.

Here's the obligatory Travis picture. This is the typical view I have of Travis when I ride with him.

We made our way out into the country. This part of Wisconsin really has a lot of great roads with just about any terrain you want. Climbs are generally short, but they can be very steep. Here's a nice farm we passed after coming down a hill.

This area, as I mentioned, has quite a few hills. These hills were really not what my body needed today. Oh well. This one has a nice stair-step character to it.

The bright side is that once we got to the top of a hill, you usually had a nice view. I had told Travis that I had brought my camera along so it made for the perfect excuse to stop for breathers at the tops of some of the hills. Just so I could take a picture of the views of course. Although, today's conditions did not lend themselves to great pictures.

The pattern of the ride was pretty consistent. Ride across a valley, go up a climb, come down the other side into another valley.

Towards the end of the ride we tackled a pretty significant hill. It's called observatory and is quite steep. But what makes this road
...the rest...noveread
Apr 20, 2003 7:03 PM
Towards the end of the ride we tackled a pretty significant hill. It's called observatory and is quite steep. But what makes this road a bit harder than others in the area is because most roads over these hills tend to avoid the steepest parts of the hill as well as the highest part of the hill. This particular road goes over about the highest hill in the area and the road goes over the highest part of the hill rather than skirting the top. It was a beast, especially in my condition! This shot is looking back down the hill the way we came up. Hard to get a really good idea of the pitch with this shot but it was the best I could do without have to make Travis really wait a long time!

I was absolutely just crawling up this hill! Travis never complained about having to wait for me. He is well aware of how slow a rider I am so his having to wait was no surprise I'm sure. I was in my easiest gear on this hill, inching up at 8mph. I could go no harder or faster and my heart rate was two, maybe three beats above my lactate threshold and that was as high as it would go. I was seriously knackered. But was at least rewarded with a decent view at the top.

For the rest of the ride Travis had to drag me home. I did okay on the flats but as soon as the road tilted up I was in trouble! I was so tired. This last picture is not that far from home now. I didn't charge the batteries in the camera before I left so between that and being really tired I didn't take many more pictures.

Travis and parted ways a few miles later and I limped home. I had 58 miles for the ride. I was completely spent. Saturday I did manage a very easy 15mile recovery ride but I was still tired on Easter Sunday. I didn't feel like facing the 20mph winds on Sunday so I bagged my ride for the day. First time I've blown off a ride since I started my training on November 1st. That's pretty good I think so I felt only a little guilty.

That's it!

Way cool. nmMB1
Apr 21, 2003 5:58 AM
Thanks for the pics ! ....PeterRider
Apr 20, 2003 8:17 PM
... tomorrow morning I'll post a sunny and warmer ride report to change you a bit :-)